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How to Have Sex Appeal

April 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 190

Sex appeal can be thought of as a charisma. How to have sex appeal isn't something that just happens, it is something that you work on. Granted, there are those individuals that naturally seem to possess the charm, the characteristics, and the winning glow and physical physique that attracts other individuals to them, but, for most individuals, it is something that must be worked at.

When you consider how to have sex appeal, look back on old photos of yourself. Notice the pictures that you feel that you truly look appealing and attractive in. Would the opposite sex think of you as sexy? Think about what makes the opposite sex attracted to the other sex. Would they find that in you in the photo? Now, ask yourself, if that is how you see yourself as feeling your best and the most attractive, and even if the opposite sex might not think of you as that "God's special gift" that was created just for them, are you going to feel comfortable going what may be outside your comfort zone. You have to remember, sex appeal is about being someone that is comfortable at the same time, and attracting the type of person that you want to attract. Yeah, cleavage is more than attractive to men, but, is the cleavage the type of sex appeal or how you want to be viewed among men. Likely not. It is the same for women. A tight pair of jeans is more than attractive, but, it is the individual in those jeans that truly attracts the man. However, a sloppy pair of jeans would never do.

There is more to sex appeal than just the look; it is also a winning personality. It is your posture, your body gestures, the way you communicate and how good you feel about yourself.

When you want to learn how to have sex appeal, you also must learn the art of style. Dress does matter and it is important to dress to impress. Good grooming is just as important and you should take everything into consideration, right down to your smell, which can light the animal instinct in the other, alone. When you dress, know your figure; know the types of clothes that are most flattering on you. When you shop for your fragrance, know your personality type, your horoscope and get a fragrance that matches. This will make a world of difference. Take pride in your hair and your makeup or clean shave or well groomed beard or mustache. Most importantly, be natural yet well defined with your appearance.

Now it comes time to your body. Most of us don't accept our bodies, and how can we possess sex appeal if we don't? It is simple. We learn to love our bodies or do something about our body. It is amazing what happens when you begin to do something for yourself or to just accept yourself the way you are. As they say, if you love yourself, others can love you, as well. Learn that that extra bulge should be worked out and eliminated or look at it as a love handle for someone else. There is not one individual that is perfect, although, some are a bit closer to the description than others.

You also must be comfortable about your sexual nature. Romance, sex, and openness are all part of sex appeal. When you learn how to have sex appeal, you realize that you are more comfortable with your sexual nature.

Sex appeal is a sharpness that you possess. You have intelligence and are savvy. You attract other individuals and overpower them with your aura and presence alone. Sex appeal is not the same to all individuals and this you must remember, and you must also remember that it is important to go after being the best you that you can be which doesn't always mean changing yourself. You should bring out the best of yourself and others be attracted to who you are. Feel good about yourself and confident with who you are. Be upbeat and positive. Laugh and smile and use body language and speech to your advantage. Have a love and admiration for others and accept yourself for who you are.

How to have sex appeal starts with comfort and knowing who you are. It also is about being confident and having charisma and presence that makes others drawn to you. There are many women in a low cut shirt, or men in tight fitting jeans, that definitely possess sex appeal. But, the bottom line is only the cleavage or the butt will be seen if the person doesn't have the other qualities that make for a true attraction. How to be sexy is much more than a physical physique, it is about how to capture and how to retain those around you, especially the person that you are after.

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