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How Money Can Be The Greatest Disconnection Between You and You

February 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 146

In times gone by and for many people even today, an individual's pursuit of spirituality and the acquisition of financial wealth is often considered to be opposite ends of a spectrum. I deliberately say 'individual' because as well know, when it comes to the large religious institutions of the world, they don't seem to have this distinction and hence has become the wealthiest institution on the planet.

For some strange reason, this changes when you consider the individual. This perceived divide between having financial wealth and spirituality has lead to the popular statement that "money is the root of all evil". Over the years there has been a somewhat indoctrinated idea that a person could only be one or the other but not both, almost as if it is some sort of sin to desire personal wealth. This may be because many people are looking at the world today, seeing all it's ills and issues and then coming to the conclusion that money breeds consumerism which leads to a dog-eat-dog, competitive mentality with the environment and human connection being the ultimate losers in this paradigm.

However our thinking these days has made a small shift. A shift that many would perceive as a very intelligent and 'enlightened' shift for the person of the 'new age'. This shift is the statement; 'money is not the root of all evil, but the LOVE of money is'.

This new twist i'm sure was made with all the best intentions, one which attempted to distinguish a difference between a small colorful piece of paper, or plastic, from the EMOTION behind it.

Now the word 'evil' is a very powerful word indeed with many potential definitions for it. Being a teacher of The Law of Attraction, I would like to put forth a definition of 'evil' in this context as anything at all which by your focus on it leads your spirit into contraction rather than expansion. Like I said, evil is too much of a strong word here, but I'm using it in relation to the original statement about money that we started with.

Despite the repeated messages of all the spiritual masters in our history, most human beings live their day to day lives with no real sense of who or what we really are; hence we become easily distracted by day to day pursuits. The enlightened ones of our past have said that we are immortal beings of spirit having only a temporary human experience. We are extensions of the source allowing the infinite one to experience its own magnificence through the loving expression of its divine nature of love through its individualized fragments we call 'ourself'. Much like the branches of a tree that is connected by its trunk, we as humans are all branches on the same tree and as our desires and creativity are born from within us so is our yearning to reach upward toward the light contributing to the expansion of the entire tree.

At any one moment we are either focussing one something that has a root emotional state of either love or fear. Anyone who has a deep understanding of The Law of Attraction will automatically pay close attention to the vibration of their inner state of being which is intimately linked to their thoughts.

As Earl Nightingale brilliantly stated, 'you become what you think about most of the time'. This is a powerful statement when it comes to The Law of Attraction. This law, in its most basic form, states that what you focus on, you attract. The essence of your vibration, which is modulated by the frequency of your thoughts, is drawn to you.

Now let's consider the implications of this truth. Most human beings, especially those in the western world, have a VERY big focus on money. Not just a focus on money, but the fact that there is not enough of it in their personal experience. Many people will spend Monday to Friday 9 to 5 doing a job they are not passionate about at all so they can get the fortnightly or monthly 'pay off' of the money. Just consider for a moment how many hours of the day the average human would spend on a thought that is somehow relating to money, then consider how often that thought would be one of its 'lack' rather than its 'abundance' in that persons life.

The simple result of this you manifest more and more the experience of not having enough money.

You do not need to love money at all for it to dominate your vibration and focus. The ultimate spiritual 'evil' is being so distracted in the pursuit and accumulation of something that a society has collectively decided is needed to then acquire more of the fantasies that advertising companies have spent so much money creating. All of this to gain money which is something that you would happily give all away if something like your health was to leave you.

The sad truth is that if no human being had to focus on money at all, if money was no concern at all in our lives, many of us would actually choose to serve others and actually work towards making a difference in the world. Imagine the kind of world we could create if the content of our thought was mainly something like 'how can I serve more' rather than 'I don't have enough money'.

This article is not advocating that we walk away from money all together; this is unlikely to happen any time soon anyway. However if we became more familiar with The Law of Attraction and the nature of energy, we would actively choose our mental focus more carefully allowing the content of our thoughts to draw to us its vibrational match. Abundance could very easily be one of those things if we choose to set it as an intention and then focus on activities that expand our spirit rather than contract it. The key is to simply feel good in the eternal and only 'time' there is, NOW!

Nick has been a student of the Law of Attraction for many years. His extensive training in Psychology, personal and spiritual development has facilitated a deep understanding of the intimate connection between science and spirituality via The Law of Attraction. Nick regularly teaches meditation classes as well as his Law of Attraction presentations and workshops. For more information go to or call 0403 819 681

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