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How Can I Know Whether Law of Attraction Is Working or Not?

April 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 173

Some people ask a very common question when they want to apply the law of attraction. "I want to make a million dollars in one year. How can I be sure about its attraction?"

The answer is really simple. Your feelings are the statistics of what you are attracting. Your feelings are the researched signals your brain is compiling about every subject of attraction you think about.

This means, if you want to know whether you will manifest creating those million dollars or not, all you have to do is check back on your feelings. There are primary two types of feelings. There is a good feeling about the subject and there is a bad feeling about the subject.

What do you feel when you think about making those million dollars? Do you feel positive, lively, happy, inspired or do you feel sad, depressed, low when you think about it?

Many people think that using the law of attraction is going to make them rich miraculously. You should also remember that every millionaire on the planet has experienced that miracle.

Attraction is possible but only with the right sort of intentions. If making a million dollars is your agenda for the next year, your intention primarily is about giving some service in return. If you are intending miracles, miracles should happen.

If you are intending that you want to make those million dollars by rendering specific product or service, you'll attract that monitory possession only after you pass through that channel of providing services you decided to render.

The secret is feeling your subject of attraction. Think about it and then feel the vibration of that subject. If you are not attracting it, you will find laziness, depression, helplessness, sadness, fear and many other negative vibrations approaching your brain. Every negative vibration is the block that is keeping you away from your desires.

When positive vibrations appear, you can determine that you are going good. Positive feelings are the signals your brain gets when your attraction is being manifested. The stronger your vibrations are, the stronger will be your attraction.

One of my newsletter subscribers asked me this question - Do attractions define our feelings or feelings define our attractions? What you feel is a vibrational reception of what is manifesting.

So, what you feel is what you manifest. And your decision to feel good is also a vibration which says "I will feel good no matter what. Hey universe, I am happy. Give me more of these feelings!"

The simplest way to manifest faster is to feel good. Send out positive vibrations and many more will bounce back, helping you attract faster!

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