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7 Must Know Secrets to Picking Up Beautiful Women

April 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 87

1. Eye Contact It is so simple, but many guys forget to do this.They usually end up focusing more interesting things, but that isn't the way to go. When you approach a woman, look into her eyes. This one thing will put you above 99% of the other men. Most men actually avoid eye contact with a beautiful women, which makes you seem like your anti-social. Never be the first to break eye contact, trust me.

2. Stay Out of Friend Zone If you approach a female as a friend, they will see you as a friend they're is no changing it. Let it be known as soon as possible that you have some sort of attraction to her. you should not be afraid to say whats on your mind, if you think she is beautiful let it be known. Get creative with it.

3. Look at Their LipsAfter eye contact has been broken glance at her lips, don't stare like a creepy person. Looking at a girl's lips at the right time naturally attracts them to you, it is just the way they're brain is wired. It's proven to work!

4. Women are Turned off by Weak Men I don't mean that by weak as in muscle weak. Women are biologically programmed to be attracted to the "alpha male". So showing traits such as shyness, insecurity, and neediness turns them off. Instantly!

5. Looks are Not as Important as Most Guys ThinkEven though they are not that important women still want to see confidence, you cannot be apathetic towards your looks. You need to show her that you take pride in the way you look, even if you are not the best looking guy. Why do you think you see all these beautiful women with not so attractive guys?

6. Have Fun! The most overlooked way to attract women is to be fun. Since most guys get nervous or insecure around women they completely forget it. Play with them, flirt. Women like excitement, you do not get any excitement from a guy who is not fun at all.

7. Remember If you want to know how to attract women you have to remember that what attracts them is not what always keeps them around. For example you have sparked her interest, she seems interested. Your main focus now should become keeping her interested. (Keep her entertained; women get bored quick.) Women love the chase.

There's many simple ways to sexually attract and interest women without them even knowing, and so many simple things guys forget to do. There is much more you can learn that will have you picking up another girl every night if you want to, I promise.

If you want to truly succeed in picking up the girl of your dreams, and know all the secrets to sexually, mentally, and uncontrollably attract a girl. Click here and watch the video; you have nothing to lose:

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