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3 Rules Concerning the Law of Attraction and Money

April 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 157

Financial wealth is something that attracts just about everyone on this Blue Planet, irrespective of color, creed or geographical boundaries. It would not be untrue if I say that there is a huge majority of people who are interested in learning about the law of attraction, just to attract financial abundance. The relation between the law of attraction and money is over-hyped to say the least. There are many people who are being forced to believe that the law of attraction will help them to manifest hoards and hoards of wealth, like magic. It is quite the contrary in reality.

There is certainly a connection between the law of attraction and financial abundance, but it is impossible to manifest wealth without learning three useful rules that govern this connection. Let us discuss in detail about all those 3 rules and learn how to apply them in real life to get results.

Rule # 1- Do Not Block the Flow of Wealth

We have long been taught to be careful about money and hoard it at every possible chance. Most of us have been habituated to saving or putting away our hard earned money for future use. But surprisingly this habit of hoarding money could be something that is hindering the manifestation of wealth.

Yeah, you read that absolutely correct. Saving and hoarding money is not the way to attract more wealth. Instead; allow wealth to flow more freely. Do not be stingy when handling money, especially while spending it. I am not asking you to squander away all your wealth. Rather I am suggesting that you develop a positive mindset while spending it.

Instead of worrying that you will exhaust your finances by spending, try blessing the money each time you spend. Doing this on a regular basis will lift the obstructions in manifesting wealth and will allow the law of manifestation to work better in attracting more money into your life.

Rule # 2- Cultivate a Positive Impression about Money

Money is often considered to be the cause of all troubles. People tend to co-relate money with many negative emotions and expressions like using the term 'filthy rich' to describe someone who has a lot of money. By doing such things we are subconsciously blocking all flow of wealth into our lives. How can the law of attraction help to manifest wealth when your subconscious thinks that money is something to be ashamed of or something dirty and unwanted?

Spiritual feelings may also be the root cause of considering money as evil, as most of the religions do condemn the materialistic attitude. But what these spiritual teachings condemn is not the money in itself, but the evil things that people tend to do with their money.

It is up to you to decide how to spend your wealth. You can spend your money in buying drugs and weapons or you can choose to spend your money in helping people. If you do good things with your money, it can help you progress spiritually as well.

Rule # 3- Believe That You Deserve Financial Prosperity

Living our entire lives in restricted financial conditions can program our subconscious to think that we do not deserve to be rich and we can never ever enjoy the benefit of having lots of money. Stop doing this and instead start believing that you indeed deserve to be rich.

This article is written by Harald Reno. Learn more about the Law of Attraction, and the other 11 Forgotten Laws principles through series of teleseminars by Bob Proctor and other gurus. Please visit and register to learn more about the relationship between The Law of Attraction and Money. This is gateway to your success.

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