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Thumb Reading and Its Vitality in Palm Reading

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 343

The thumb reading in the field of palm reading has a specialty in predicting the nature and characters of a human being. This science of prognosis has been divided in to two parts such as: chirognomy and chiromancy. The prediction from the lines of palm is incomplete if the part of chirognomy is not covered while forecasting the fate of any individual. The art of chiromancy is confined with the lines of the hand only. It does not cover the shape and sizes of the palm. It is equally important to take the thumb, skin, fingers and nails into account while making the prediction.

Why the thumb is so vital in palmistry

Generally, we all know that the baby always keeps his thumb inside the palm. The dying patient or the person who is going to die keeps his thumb down which indicates there is no will power. When a person has got no thumb he will not be able to do any work. The thumb tells all about your will power and determination. The thumb was taken by Drona of Dara Savar in Mahabharat since Drona came to know that he will not be able to fight again and all his will power will get lost.

The types of thumb

There are many kinds of thumb in the study of palm reading such as: supple jointed thumb, stiff jointed thumb and clubbed thumb. The person brings the nature and character as per the thumb one possess. If someone is having stiff thumb, then he will be very active and quick in all his activities. The person will be more or less impulsive in all his undertaking. Generally speaking, when the thumb becomes stiff in the hand then it is an indication of strong will power and determination and person will never be satisfied unless his work is done.

When the thumb becomes supple then person will be less willed and more or less adjustable with any circumstance. Even such people may take advice of other people. It is usually seen that the person of supple jointed thumb is gentle and polite in behaviour. If the thumb is ugly in its look then the person will not be intellectually well. Such people are generally found educationally backward. There is another kind of thumb that the study of palmistry often describes in all the books is called clubbed thumb. When the first phalanges of thumb becomes extremely short and nail on that thumb then the person is having clubbed thumb. Such kinds of persons are extremely anger by their nature. There will power is extremely strong and they can move any extent when they are in their rage.

There are many things as to thumb reading in the science of palm reading that does not allow here in a small space. The good thumb along with good line of head is an indicator of success and phenomenal achievement in life. If the thumb is short, ugly looking then it is a sure sign of failure in life. The long thumb people are more successful than the short thumb people. The hand reader should consider the head line, mounts and thumb while having thumb reading.

Narottam Mishra is a prolific writer and he has a lot of contribution on the articles relating to palm reading. He has been writing on palmistry for more than five years.

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