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The Transforming Power of Pluto in the Birth Chart

March 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 431

The last of the outer planets, Pluto's influence and significant power is a force we all have to go along with. Like everything in our Birth Charts, the more we understand the more we align to our inner being and source. It is important to grasp the meaning of your own personal Pluto so that you can appreciate its intention, which sometimes may seem painful, cruel, but so necessary of our own growth.

I equate Pluto with psychology, as it is to do with the mind and what is going on underneath. As the mind is the original source of our actions and attitudes, our thought forms and beliefs often keep us stuck on the wheel of repetition and in a prison of our own making. Pluto's aim is to release us from these old patterns. As we are creatures of habit we often see our liberation as a cruel force of fate, a betrayal or a loss of some kind. Pluto will take away anything that restricts our growth which then allows the energy to operate in a new way. A lot of our security is contained in established forms which we naturally hold on to. When these are destroyed or taken away we feel lost, a victim or powerless. Pluto is very much to do with power and this same power that pulled the rug from under our feet will also give us the Will-power to build again in a fresh way. It often seems that we have no choice with Pluto, as like death its actions are final.

Pluto can also work like a boil, bringing all the inflamed toxins up to the surface ready to burst and be released. Things in us that have been festering in the sub-conscious, been suppressed or kept secret will emerge and come to the surface when the time is ripe for us to deal with them. Although the time can never feel right and even may feel inappropriate. Our outworn attitudes and limited belief systems can also come up to bite us, as Pluto forces us to confront these patterns. This maybe in the form of other people, which will keep us in a victim mentality. However, by looking deeply within for reasons and answers is a much more productive way of working with Pluto.

Nature kills or destroys for the sake of growth, which from our limited perception often seems cruel. Pluto has this same quality and the more we grow in consciousness, the further we will be able to comprehend the essence of this transforming energy.

Pluto in the Birth Chart

Pluto's house position will show an area that will go through some transformation. We will be confronting old patterns of ego consciousness or personality traits that no longer serve us or that are interfering with our evolutionary growth, as this is Pluto's chief concern. Energy tied up in this area will be challenged and changed in some way. The sign will show what type of attitude may need to change. For example In Leo the fixed ego structure of pride or self-importance. In Virgo, earning a living may turn into a sense of service or in Libra relationships will come under scrutiny, highlighting the need to redefine and rebalance.

Being an outer planet it works on a mass conscious scale and its present passage through Capricorn is bringing to light wrongly managed and corrupt traditional structures. This is causing chaos with business and banking establishments, which is a strong Capricorn theme. Cut backs are also very apt for this present transit through Capricorn,especially as it has been spend, spend, spend when this planet travelled through Sagittarius! There will be much more to come up to the surface and like a boil it will eventually burst before transformation can and will take place. Like the Phoenix new and better structures will be built from the remnants of the old.

For those who have planets in Capricorn/Cancer polarity, will be forced to look at their own traditional and family structures, as some type of change will be taking place.

Aspects to Pluto in the Birth Chart

Pluto not only intensifies the area of a chart but any planets it touches by aspect. This planet, like all planets can be used negatively or positively, but Pluto, like no other, can go to the depths and the heights. The greatest sinners make the greatest saints because once this energy operates from to its original higher frequency,it works for the highest good of the whole.

Working with colour, red aspects, (squares and Oppositions), Pluto may be seen as authority. You may then try to impose your own authority or fight others in powerful positions. Alternatively you may use this to achieve your aims or to change things for the benefit of others.

With blue aspects, (trines and sextiles), you could willingly go along with the transformation. For example, with a logical acceptance that change must happen. Alternatively, blue aspects have a fixed quality within them, therefore you may think that you are right and have no need for change. It is often in situations like this that a strong Pluto transits moves you out of your complacency,usually kicking and screaming!

With green aspects, (semi-sextiles and quincunx), you will usually look for information that helps to give you 'knowhow' to a situation or problem. You may also see knowledge as power or seek higher knowledge to stretch your consciousness towards greater possibility.

Your Birth Chart can show you much about your Personal Pluto, the why, how, where and the way it may go about what ready for transformation. If you need a copy of your Birth Chart, then email me with your date, place and time of birth at I will be happy to send you one.

Astrologer Lucinda Tinsley as been studying Astrology for over 20 years She assist in understanding your personal Birth Chart. Using the psychological approach she leads you towards your authentic self, to understanding your challenges and discovering your innate potentials. Her web site has many articles written to help those who want to understand astrology through their own Birth Chart

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