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PROVE Reincarnation Is Real: 4 Ways to Remember Your Past Lives WITHOUT Doing Anything Weird

April 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 459

As someone who has studied psychics, the paranormal and the "alternative world view" for going on 15 years now... I've got a confession to make:

There are some wild, wacky and WEIRD people out there! (and lots of wonderful life lessons you can learn from some pretty unusual sources)

Often, my mainstream friends and family have a hard time wrapping their minds around some of the more exotic and esoteric ideas I routinely review... simply because they feel too "out there" to be taken seriously.

Past lives, and the idea that all of us live MANY lifetimes, and our spiritual beings at "heart", is certainly one of those ideas that many in the mainstream discount.

The truth is, there is MORE good evidence for past lives than much of the "scientific" stuff we commonly accept to be true, especially in Western culture. (Ironically... in most of the world, past lives, karma and the concept of reincarnation is considered normal and is deeply embedded in their belief system)

The facts?

There are tens of thousands of carefully documented cases of past life recall that have passed scientific scrutiny and are VERY suggestive of the reality of reincarnation. (including a book written about the past life memories of small children SO convincing that it was featured in the New England Journal or Medicine, and was called by world famous scientist and skeptic Carl Sagan, the most compelling paranormal evidence he had ever seen)

Many people have had past life regressions and experienced radical transformations... often overcoming all sorts of traumas that conventional science, medications and years of therapy could NOT fix. (Internationally acclaimed psychiatrist Dr Brian Weiss is well known for his work in this area... and his books have sold MILLIONS of copies around the world)

Many ordinary people like you and I have regularly experienced deja vu, or the feeling of knowing someone "forever" that you've only met for an instant, or even have skills and abilities or "intuitive" interests that seem to defy explanation (for example - picking up a hobby on a whim, and finding that not only are you EXCEPTIONALLY gifted at it... there is a deep "connection" to it that you feel in your bones).

Remembering you've lived before, that you'll live again and that you are an eternal timeless spiritual being who is here to learn, love, grow and evolve is the GREATEST gift you can give yourself.

But don't take MY word for it.

Here are 4 very short, very simple ways you can test this for yourself, for free (or a minimal cost) and get first hand evidence that all of this is TRUE (and will change your life forever).

1 - Soul Group Work - This is probably the "weirdest" method of the group I've listed here, but it can be incredibly healing for extended relationships, and helps to establish a "karmic connection" between lovers, families and even really good friends who have complex dynamics in the relationship. A small group of open minded people, working with a certified spiritual therapist who focused on past lives can bring people closer together in a way that you have to witness, or experience to believe! (and usually, in way that permanently changes the relationships for the better, forever)

2 - Hypnosis/Past Life Regression Therapy (the most common type of process featured in the media - this can be VERY powerful, but needs to be facilitated by a true therapist or hypnosis professional, and not someone who thinks they know what they're doing, but is just playing around!)

3 - Self Directed Past Life Recall (usually done with binaural beat technology, or recorded visualization exercises that are designed to facilitate deep states of relaxation)

4 - Psychic Insight and Intervention

A good psychic intervention for past life recall truly changed MY life many years ago... and opened me up to my own authentic purpose. (and the path I needed to pursue to realize it, which is what I do today through writing, researching and exploring topics like this one)

The benefits of past life psychic readings over the above, are only that they are simple, affordable, cost effective and convenient. (you can do it from home around your own schedule)

Of course, if you think all of this is nuts... you probably don't believe past lives are even possible, right? I challenge you to give one of the above techniques a try with an open mind, and let me know what openings, insights and revelations are revealed when you do. (because if you're anything like I was... they WILL rock your world!)

Want PROOF? Get an AMAZING Past Life Reading ...Without Leaving Your Home. (The BEST Way to Prove You've Lived a Past Life ...100% Guaranteed)

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