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NEW: How To Remember Past Lives

June 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 323

Q: What is the very best way to remember my past lives? Who are most likely to have past life memories? Are most past life memories about being famous, important or influential in a previous incarnation? And why do SOME people remember very detailed past lives... while others remember nothing? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at 3 of the most common ways to remember YOUR past lives, and tackle some of the common myths and misconceptions that many folks have as well.

Filed Under: The 3 most popular tools and techniques for past life recall

Without question, the one that gets the most attention is past life regression or hypnosis. While this CAN be very effective, and while many folks have had profound life changing experiences as a result, it's very controversial as well.

Why? Because it's expensive. It's an area of therapy that is not very regulated. (meaning anyone can claim to be a past life therapist... without needing to have any real training) It's also rife with the potential for FALSE memories as well, as many people have reported remembering things while hypnotized that turned out to be demonstrably false, later on.

The second method are things you can do for yourself, to stimulate past life memories. The most common is mediation and guided visualization, often while using special sound technology. (usually referred to as binaural beats, or hemi sync - which was the original technology created to facilitate extraordinary spiritual experiences)

I use this approach myself on a regular basis, and have had incredibly vivid memories and some pretty cool experiences as a result. This is the "do it yourself" approach, and if you have discipline, it can be life changing for sure.

The most well known approach involves either astrology, getting a horoscope done for past life memories, having a tarot card reading or speaking to a psychic or intuitive who specializes in previous lifetimes, reincarnation or karma. This is the LEAST expensive, and the easiest way to get started... and something I've done many times myself. The downside? Only that it can be difficult to get REALLY "deep" and you may need many 3 or 4 readings to get as much detail as you might get in one regression session (although it's still a lot cheaper, and a lot more entertaining as it's a conversation, rather than a hypnosis experience).

All of the above are FUN, and can completely change your view of both yourself... and the world around you in exciting, enlightening and inspiring ways! I know my own ability to handle the people in my life today is MUCH improved... especially since speaking to a past life intuitive who has helped me identify all of these people in my life, in the past!

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