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Is FATE Real? How to Avoid Being a Victim (Hint - Change Your Destiny!)

March 29, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 232

What is fate? Are we all destined to live certain lives, face unavoidable problems and struggle with things that we can't matter how hard we try? what role does destiny, or the idea that our lives follow a certain script or plan play in our spiritual growth and development? Or... is all of this just new age nonsense and silly to consider at all?

The truth is, regardless of what you believe, the idea of fate, free will and destiny has been debated by scientists, philosophers, religious thinkers, mystics and mediums for thousands of years.

You may THINK that you have the answer....the likelihood is, it's probably a lot more complex than any one person can know.

For example.....if you believe that psychic abilities are a well proven and documented fact (as I do) the question becomes:

If free will is true, can we alter or change the predictions made by psychic or clairvoyant readings?

Or, by virtue of something being seen or visualized by a psychic, is it destined to happen, exactly as described?

My own feeling is this:

Everyone has choice. There are certain forces that are in place that seem to suggest we are heading down a particular path, and that is what a psychic sees and then "predicts" (or more aptly, pictures) during a reading.

But, I believe we ALWAYS have a choice, and can always alter, change or re-route the course we're on, and to grow and mature spiritually and emotionally by making better decisions.

As a matter of fact...

I actually believe that the biggest and best reason to consult a clairvoyant, or get psychic advice in the first place, is to help improve the choices we do make. To alter and improve our destiny so to being foretold and forewarned about bad decisions we may otherwise make.

After all...

What good is getting a psychic reading or getting advance information if you aren't going to do anything with it?

Some people believe we are "robots".......following a script that is set and etched in stone.

I not only refuse to believe that, my personal experiences PROVE that it isn't true! I've had psychics predict things years and years in advance that have come to fruition, exactly as described, simply because I forgot about what I was told, or neglected to act on the advice. (not always bad things necessarily, but eerily accurate nonetheless)

I've also been told things that led me to take immediate action, and as a result, avoided a major health scare, or a relationship crisis or even a professional predicament that I didn't see coming....and would have been a big deal, had I not acted in advance.

So while I do believe in destiny, and I do believe that fate plays an important role in each of our lives, I don't believe the future is fixed. I believe that armed with the right insight, intuition and can tackle just about anything that's in front of you, and make it work to your BENEFIT, rather than the reverse!

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