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Have I Lived Before? Warning! The Weird Truth About Past Lives You MUST Not Ignore

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 279

Who else has had a strange feeling that they've lived before? Do you ever have a powerful sense that you've been somewhere in the past....even though you know it's impossible that you were? Or maybe you've met someone for the very first time, and yet you can't shake the feeling that they're VERY familiar, or you feel like you've known them forever? Or maybe you have just picked up a new hobby or personal passion and find that you are just naturally REALLY, really good at it... and it seems to come to you far easier than it should? (or that other similar skills you struggle with do)

No matter how you "slice it"....there are many simple, subtle and powerful signs that your collection of experiences transcends the current lifetime.

And while many people think it sounds silly, believe it or not, there is PLENTY of powerful scientific evidence to support the idea that our soul or spiritual self continues on after physical death, and CAN choose to "come back" in a new body, and in a new lifetime in the future.

For example?

Small children who remember incredible details of past lives and who recount these experiences to their parents in painstaking detail.....EVEN when they've had no way to learn so much specific information.

Kids who play musical instrument, speak foreign languages and exhibit artistic talents on a "prodigy" like level.....and whose memories of past lives coincide with people who displayed those same skills! (whole books have been written about this, including work by the late Dr. Ian Stevenson, regarded by most as the worlds foremost expert on legitimate reincarnation cases.....and today, in 2012, Dr. Jim Tucker at the University of Virginia, who studies and publishes on children with verifiable past life memories)

As a matter of fact...

Most serious past life research focuses on children, because they have far less to "gain" from making up stories, or wanting to be famous in a past life, or having a psychological agenda that makes telling tall tales attractive. (something unfortunately, that most skeptics and debunkers focus on when it comes to adults who describe previous lifetimes)

That said, there are several PROVEN ways to remember a previous lifetime as an adult that can have a profound, and powerfully positive benefit on your current life.

Regression Therapy (Can be expensive and intense and does require a licensed professional therapist with a focus on past life memories to do the right way)

Dream Therapy. (often involves a prolonged period of documenting your dreams, and looking for elements of precognition as well as recurring "karmic symbols" which keep coming up)

Meditative and Guided Visualization Techniques. I personally do this at least once a day, and for 15-20 minutes will try to "regress" myself to a previous lifetime using a guided meditative script a pair of headphones and an mp3 player

Tarot Card Readings. As goofy as many people believe these are, if you have a GENUINE tarot reading you'll be amazed at how much "karmic" stuff and symbols you'll start to see in your daily life that have a deeper spiritual meaning. (and are often trying to POINT you in a specific destiny direction as well)

And of course, a good old fashioned past life psychic reading can often be the very BEST way to remember your previous lifetimes with incredible detail and clarity, and without having to do anything other than let someone's psychic gifts put the pieces of YOUR puzzle together. Each of us has a path and a purpose....and a good past life reading can help reveal that in a very powerful way when you're ready to hear what the Universe WANTS you to know.


Regardless of what you believe right now, opening yourself up to the idea of past lives can reveal the fullness in your life, and can help you understand your higher, authentic self and TRUE spiritual nature as well. After all, each individual lifetime is a mere microcosm of who you really are....and understanding that MAY be the key to true fulfillment, happiness and bliss. (at least it was for me!)

WARNING! Don't get scammed by another "fake" Psychic EVER Again!

Skeptical? Good! Get a Past Life Psychic Reading Right HERE!

(Special Readings Available For Skeptics, the Curious or People Who Just NEED To PROVE Past Lives are True!)

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