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Asthma Treatments That Won't Leave You Breathless

May 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 203

What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the lungs that impedes breathing. It affects more than seventeen million people in the United States. Overall, the figures are impressive. Statistics show that over sixty percent of all those who suffer from disease does not have it under control.

If you have asthma, it is in your best interest to find out about your options. One of the most important aspects of managing asthma is getting proper treatment regularly. If you have or think you may have asthma, finding a good local doctor can get you on the path to a healthy life.

Find Out What Is Causing Your Pain?

When you find your asthma triggers, you can breathe easier. Asthma is both atopic and a non-atopic condition. This means that it is triggered by both internal (atopic) such as an infection and external (non-atopic) factors like pollen or smoke. Triggers that can set off asthma attacks include outdoor allergens such as pollen, indoor allergens (dust mites), drugs, stress, excessive exercise, and smoke.

Finding out the cause for your attacks is necessary since it shows how the treatment will go. If you are diagnosed with the disease, a doctor can usually determine the cause after a medical history and physical examination.

Your Doctor Is The Best Source For Information

The right asthma doctor can help you to manage your symptoms. If you want to get valuable information about your asthma, begin by discussing the issue with your physician. Since your doctor is in the business of treating your symptoms, chances are good that questions will be welcomed.

When triggers are identified, doctors have a far better likelihood of finding adequate tools to help you control your asthma. By getting informed about what you are dealing with, you can regain control over your life.

Modern asthma treatments include a management plan to avoid triggers, medications to treat and prevent symptoms, and lifestyles changes to avert breathing issues. Medical treatments and natural remedies are everywhere and finding the right one means taking the time to find out the safety and history of each treatment. Online resources can be helpful, as can your regular doctor.

Asthma medications are prescribed according to the severity of the attacks. Inhalers filled with selective and powerful asthma medications are a popular form of treatment. They're extremely effective and safe to use for the long-term.

Asthma self-monitoring is invaluable for a number of reasons. When you know what triggers an attack, you can be far more effective in alleviating your own symptoms. Being able to anticipate an attack also helps you mentally prepare for the worst moments and ultimately reduce the element of panic entirely.

Ultimately, your long-term goal will be to have a normal life with the least amount of asthma episodes. Your management plan or asthma action plan should include a detailed description of how you can control your asthma symptoms. By keeping yourself fully informed about the details of your own condition, you retain a greater level of control over your life and have far more effective tools for asthma management.

Lynn Versailles is a registered nurse and a life-long sufferer of asthma. She has personally been affected with this chronic respiratory problem and wishes to help others. Through years of research and life experiences, she shares her knowledge on how to properly manage asthma on To learn more, download The Ultimate Asthma Management Guide. It is a free online guide on medical treatments and natural remedies to properly manage this illness.

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