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Essence Articles Editorial Guidelines

At Essence Articles, it is our intent to offer authors, publishers and readers a rich user experience by ensuring that articles are properly proofread for submission and users receive high quality content and information as they are browsing through the site. In order to turn this into a reality, we strive to make sure that the articles you submit are in accordance with our editorial guidelines.

Therefore, we highly recommend the following:

  1. Guidelines Regarding Content

    • Please submit original articles only.
    • Affiliate links are not allowed within the body of the article
    • Please do not submit the same article over and over again to different categories. Just one  article will to different categories will do. Too many submissions of the same article are regarded as spamming and we take spamming very seriously. Failure to adhere to this standard may not only result in the removal of the article, the publisher will also face suspension for their account.
    • A maximum of 2 hyperlinks are allowed in the article.
    • You can insert 2 hyperlinks in your author bio box and they do not need to be the same keyword.
    • When you select relevant keywords, make sure they are separated with a comma. Any non-relevant keywords will be removed from the system.
    • Articles should be informative and educational and not as a promotional piece. If the article reads like an ad or a promotion, then it will be regarded as spam and rejected from the system.
  2. Guidelines Regarding Formatting

    • The headline or the title for the article must not exceed 200 characters and must contain a minimum of 2 words. For maximum efficiency, try and use only 80 characters because it will be a good fit for the search engine to pick up. Do not use CAPITAL LETTERS in your title. Also, make sure that the organization name, website and the writers name do not appear in the title. They will be displayed at other locations so duplication of effort is not necessary.
    • The article length must be at least 350 words and must not exceed 12,000 characters. You may use the following HTML code tags – <br />, <p>, <strong>, <em>, <u> and <a>.
    • Do not list your website as the name of the author and your name must not appear within the title of the article.
    • Please refrain from using hard break tags within your article. Use it only at the end of the paragraph (all you need to do is to click the ‘Enter’ key twice or use the <br /> tag).
    • Do not overuse the Bold, Italics or Underline function, use only where it is appropriate.
    • Make sure you break your article into appropriate paragraphs. Articles should be broken down into chunks. Long paragraphs are unreadable and may lose the attention of the reader.
  3. The Question Regarding Illegal Or Questionable subjects

    • Essence Articles is family oriented. That means that we do not accept articles on pornography, escort services, sex toys, violence, illegal subjects (such as movie downloads), very dangerous info, or hateful propaganda. These consist of but are not limited to written and visual content. We will reject any article that contains such offensive materials.
    • Plagiarism is a huge offense. Make sure you are the authentic author before you submit your articles
    • Please refrain from advertisements involving internet gambling websites.
  4. Legal disclaimer:

    All articles on Essence Articles are offered for educational and informational purposes only. Redistribution must be followed according to our terms of use. Essence Articles does not accept any obligation or legal responsibility for the use or improper use of contents and all authors must be aware of the risks.

    Essence Articles reserves the right not to publish every article that is submitted.