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A Proven Arthritis Diet Will Help Reverse Arthritis

February 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 226

Following a specific arthritis diet and eliminating some foods from your daily meals, a patient can effectively reverse arthritis in the body. An arthritis diet, which is basically a diet that includes specific foods that undo the symptoms of arthritis as well as lacking foods that have been associated with the disease, can be used to elevate the pain that is caused by the disease and in some rare cases, the arthritis diet has cured patients from arthritis. However, these have been mainly speculations with no solid scientific backing.

What is an Arthritis Diet?

So what exactly does an arthritis diet constitute? Rheumatologists who are associated with the Arthritis Foundation have stated that people who are overweight provoke osteoarthritis due to the presence of fats in their bodies. The experts have linked fish oils as the primary causes of this arthritis but on the other hand, the Arthritis Foundation goes ahead to state that there is no direct link to diet plans and arthritis. Over the years that the foundation has existed, they have yet to find any definite causes of the disease and as such one cannot help but question this fact. Is there anything to this diet?

After years of research into the disease, doctors and scientists have slowly given in to the convention that various foods can be contributing to the cause of the disease. Clinical proof from other branches of medicine has greatly contributed to this realization. Now if there is an alternative treatment to this disease, then it is only natural that this avenue is pursued. The rising costs of the drugs used to treat the disease and also the fact that the only organization that is in charge of researching into the disease is stating blatantly that there is no cure for the disease, also fuels this urge to try out alternative cures for arthritis.

An Arthritis Diet and a Well-Balanced Diet

To this end, medical science has shown and proven that healthy joints are dependent on gastrointestinal health as well as a healthy well-being. This is probably why a healthy person who exercises regularly and assumes a balanced diet is not likely to suffer from arthritis. Therefore this draws the conclusion that there is indeed such a thing as an arthritis diet. The specific diet is not yet conclusive according to the major studies that have been conducted over the years.

The first study conducted by Dr. Anthony Conte in 1970 and his Pittsburg nutritionist partner sort to prove that the disease is associated with allergies. It was their conclusion that the disease could be well avoided by staying away from certain foods that were likely to cause allergies in the body. There was another study by Dr. Robert Stroud who concluded that patients who were suffering from arthritis responded well to the omission of certain types of food in their diet. In his findings, the doctor noted that during a period of fasting, it was possible to elevate all symptoms of arthritis. During this period, all symptoms would clear up and disappear. According to him, this was concrete proof that arthritis is food related, but the unfortunate implication here comes when you realize that you cannot fast forever.

However, this also led to scientists expanding on these two theories and after several experiments spanning more than 7 years, doctors have now come up with an arthritis diet that they believe will get rid of the disease once and for all. According to this study, there are foods that you eat which can influence your digestive system, leading to growth of bacteria in the system that will ultimately affect arthritis. Eating healthy foods will undoubtedly keep the symptoms of the disease away, confirming what many folk healers have been saying for ages; keep healthy and arthritis will not be a problem. The perfect arthritis diet is one that is well-balanced.

A Proven Arthritis Diet and Treatment Option

When you have arthritis, you need results and fast. Proven healthy diet plans and a validated treatment option needs to free you of the swelling, stiffness and pain, and allow you to live your life 150% better and fast. 'Arthritis Free For Life' does exactly that. Click the links to learn more about this proven arthritis diet and many others, including a proven hypothyroid diet for hypothyroidism.

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