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Intention And Creating A Sacred Space

February 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 172

What is an Intention?

To have in mind a purpose or plan, to have meaning and direction, to aim for and achieve a desired outcome. With this the Universe can align to make what seems to be impossible possible.

Dare to follow your dreams, your love, your goals and passions.I believe, now is the time more than ever for setting intensions. Setting your Intention is the first step. You can be specific about something in particular for example; change of career or qualities such as feeling calm and relaxed.

When should you set your Intention? Your Intentions can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Here are some examples;

To be fit physically, emotionally and spiritually Have excellent health physically, emotionally and spiritually To work less To have financial freedom Be in a loving relationship To be married and have children To improve my knowledge and skills Open your life to love Celebrate your life Commune with the Divine Celebrate your successes Create financial success Create abundance and wealth Honour your transformation in life Honour Mother Earth Celebrate the cycles of the Moon Bring the spirit of nature in to your home To have a pet To travel Enjoy a holiday Practice mindfulness Honour all that is good

You have endless opportunities to create an Intention.

Creating Your Sacred Space; When setting an Intention I like to create a sacred space, this helps me too focus. Being creative and surrounded by beauty is essential for me personally so I set a theme. I light candles, have essential oils diffusing, display flowers and crystals, have music playing softly in the background. You van have a candle to light when speaking your Intention, a pen and paper or a journal to write in. Before we go any further it is important to be prepared. Know what your Intention is before you settle in and have it written out and remember you can change the wording or intention. If you are feeling stuck, share it with someone, play with different words. You will know when they are the right ones.

Below I have given you some suggestions on how you can create a sacred space. You may already have a favourite way of doing this. Stick with what is comfortable for you. It is not always going to be practical or possible to spend the time on setting up a sacred space. You can hop out of bed and decide right there and then what your Intention is for the day. Or, you want to have a restful sleep, in which case before going to bed will be more appropriate. Actually before going to bed is a very good time to set your Intention for the following day for example you may tell yourself that you will wake feeling energised and vibrant. Whatever you are doing, see that you are creating something wonderful through your day and stay with gentleness in your heart.

Something that I know to be true is through years of teaching energetic Aromatherapy and creating blends is that 'Thought is Energy, Energy is Matter' whatever we do, we are pouring our energy and thoughts in to it. Be mindful of what you are thinking. Whatever you are thinking is what you will create.

Getting back to setting a sacred space; Firstly I cleanse my space and what better way than to use an Aromatherapy room spray that I make specifically for my Intention. Another way to cleanse and I love this, is to smudge with frankincense resin.

Make sure you are comfortable, allow yourself to relax by breathing in and out slowly and rhythmically, breathe in and out, at the same time you are feeling your body shed any unwanted thoughts and feelings on the out breath. As you take in your next breath feel the purity, the goodness and positive energy flowing in to every cell in your body and all around you. Your body, mind and soul are one, you are feeling grounded, connected, filled with love and pure life force. Remember where you are now is moving you forward, embrace it, enjoy it. You are now ready to begin.

Take a moment to focus on the here and now, gently breathing in and out. Spend a little time reading over your intention, if it doesn't roll off your tongue and you are not resonating with it, change the wording and play with it. When you can speak your intention with ease, grace and conviction, it is complete.

The next step is to write your Intention on a fresh piece of paper, staying focused on your desired intention. Say it out loud and repeat it as many times as you feel comfortable with. At the same time light your chosen *candle and repeat your intention again. Here you are working with the element of fire which represents action and transformation. Keep the candle burning until it burns down, without interruption.There are many ways in which to enhance and empower your Intention, sometimes I anoint the candle with an essential oil blend and roll it in crushed herbs. You can do as little or more as you wish.

You can colour co-ordinate your candles to the element of fire for your intention by using a red candle. You can also follow the cycles of the Moon, when the Moon is full she is at her most potent, when waxing, this is a time for building and when waning a time to release.

Self Talk to Create Your Intention:

I will address myself with self praise I will treat myself with loving kindness I Magnify my Magnificence My heart is filled with gratitude There is gentleness in my heart

Remember to be aware of what is going on in your mind during the day. What we think we create!

* Never leave your candle to burn without being there.This is a fire hazard, so planning your time is important. If you do go out, blow out your candle and re-light it when you are back.

If you have any questions you can contact me via email: or visit my website and subscribe to my newsletter to receive tips, recipes for the oil burner and articles on specific conditions Join me on Facebook

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