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Four Factors in Choosing the Best Hotel

June 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 148

As outsiders (or foreigners) to the places we will travel, we will surely know no one, and the imperative is to live in a rented lodging, whether it's a hotel or an apartment. If you want to be pampered with the best services, I suggest you should stay at a hotel. What are the factors in looking for the best hotel to live?

When searching for the best hotels, you have to consider these following factors.


After airports, it is the hotels that will give travellers (or tourists) the impression of what it is to live in the country or city. In many ways, hotels could be in contrast with its surroundings (as I had been to a hotel that is located near the slums) but it should never to ashamed to give its visitors a taste of culture and a sense of home. It is their duty to make sure you have a wonderful stay not in the establishment but in their city or country.

If the hotel is not equipped in making you comfortable, this could affect the impression you have about the city or country. You will say in your mind, "This country/city sucks." How can you feel at home if the hotel you are staying in lacks the comfort and convenience you want?


One time a friend from France requested me to find a hotel for her as she was coming with her husband for a vacation. I did not waste time finding a great hotel which doesn't look beautiful outside but its services and amenities are way exceptional. The good thing too was that the hotel was very near to shopping malls and various restaurants and bars, not to mention other establishments like the park, churches of different denominations, shooting range, hospitals, banks and a police station. I wanted by friend to enjoy staying in the country with her husband, and glad to say, they had a great time.

Safety and Security

Years ago, I came upon news items about a soldier who loved to stage rebellions against his (south-east Asian) government, and you know where? Hotels, that is! That crackhead did really have expensive tastes. But there goes the tourism industry, with the guests having to pack up fearfully for fear of the bullets. That situation could have been avoided if the hotel had ample security to protect the tourists from the ravages of a few crackheads.

In addition to convenience, you should also consider the safety and security factor. It should have protective devices (CCTV, motion sensors) and warning alarms. It should also have the following:

• A room equipped with a peephole, a dead bolt lock and electronic guest room lock • A telephone with emergency call button in every room • Well-lit lobby areas, hallways and parking areas • 24-hour concierge/security • Fire exits

For your safety and concern you should first check the security features of the hotel you are about to book into. Better safe than lose your passport.


Who should forget about services? Every traveller deserves the best hotel services or else they will blog about bad services or bad hotel food on the Web. Every hotel should provide their guests the best rooms, best food and drinks, best facilities and amenities, and professional and customer-friendly staff to cater their guests.

These are the factors you should look for before booking a hotel reservation. Get to know your hotel first before getting excited about your vacation. Take one of these away and you will have one hell of a stay. You'd better live in a corporate accommodation Brisbane.

Madie Benzon, A practicing artist, Also offers serviced apartments in the Brisbane area and is currently writing a few articles regarding finding good accommodations in the area.

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