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New Matthews 2012 Heli-M Bow - A Closer Look

December 15, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 196

As the new year inches closer bow companies are working hard on their new bow lineup, which they hope will be a great success for the upcoming year. While some companies prefer to keep things secret other prefer to get a jump on the marketing of their new products and Mathews Archery has done this with the unveiling of their new 2012 Heli-m bow.

The new 2012 Matthews Heli-m was unveiled as being the bow that has over 20 years of Mathews innovation and technology poured into it. The new Heli-m is the lightest bow to hit the market thus far weighing in at an just 3.5lbs, while also sporting a generous brace height of 7". With an IBO speed of 332fps and all of Mathews sound and vibration dampening technology this makes the new 2012 Matthews Heli-m bow one of the top contenders for the 2012 bow lineup.

Mathews has incorporated some great technologies into the new Heli-m that include:

>Mathews Geo Grid Lock riser which provides incredible strength and durability while greatly reducing the overall weight of the bow.

>Mathews Harmonic Stabilizer Lite which is like the previous version in that it stops nearly 75% of the bows residual vibration however it has the added benefit of weighing over 70% lighter than its predecessor.

>Mathews Reverse Assist Roller Guard which assists with creating a smoother cleaner draw experience for the archer or bowhunter. This technology works to create a smooth draw by reducing the amount of overall friction and tension that is put on the cables during the draw cycle.

>Mathews Heli-m Cam and QCA which is the work of over 20 years of single cam innovation and technology, which means a quality, dependable and consistent Cam you can trust.

These are just a few of the technologies that have been added into the new 2012 heli-m, and they are all work together to bring you an excellent overall bow that will not likely disappoint you. Mathews has been in the game for over 20 years and has been a strong contender in the archery and bowhunting markets. They are known for their quality products and for breaking through the barriers to bring new innovative ideas and technologies to their products.

However with the release the new 2012 bows from other big players such as: Bowtech, Hoyt, and PSE that also have names that ring out quality and innovation the new Heli-m could encounter some stiff competition this upcoming year.

Want more information and pictures of the Heli-m and other 2012 bows? Visit us here at and take a look at the new 2012 bows

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