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A General Overview On The Sport Of Archery

October 19, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 166

To give a detailed history on the sport of archery, from past to present, would be a mammoth task which would require a whole book or more to document. But a general overview can be just as useful in order become educated on the sport of archery from its origins centuries ago to its current state in the present era.

It's no secret that the sport in general has existed for the use of hunting and war since at least 25,000 BC. Since then, archery has been made famous by many cultures and nations including; the horse archers of the Mongol hoards and the longbow archers of the English army against the French. It was rightfully considered to be a key component of society in England and boys were compelled, by law, to practise archery for a few hours every Sunday.

But with the increasing popularity of gunpowder it was archery which became obsolete on the battlefield; however, in the 18th century it saw a revival amongst the English gentry due to the influence of the Gothic. That revival has lasted all the way up to the present day as hunting and archery clubs are present throughout many areas of the world, especially in the US and UK.

The sport in its current form is mainly confined to firing at inanimate targets as game hunting with the use of bows is banned in places such as the UK. The practise is still very much alive in the US, though, as more and more powerful hunting bows are created that are capable of releasing hundreds of pounds of force with each shot. Typically, inanimate targets include many variations including; sculptures of animals such as deer, rabbits, and wolves, as well as the better known round target.

Rounded targets are the type of target that are usually used in competitions including; the Olympics and the archery world cup. They contain multiple colours and each colour corresponds to a point total.

Usually the center of the target contains a tiny "x" which corresponds to a score of ten"x". A hit on the gold that doesn't hit the "x" is worth ten points, the red is worth eight points, the blue is worth six points, the black is worth four points, the white is worth two points, and outside of that is considered a miss. Of course some competitions may use different point totals and scoring methods.

The bows themselves tend to be split into three major categories for simplicity. The first type of bow is known as a recurve bow. A recurve bow is the most common of the three bows and gains its name due to the flexibility of the limbs as the bow is drawn. This bow is the jack of all trades bow and is usually used by beginners when they are first starting out, although many people continue to favour the recurve bow throughout their entire shooting career.

The second type of bow is called a longbow. The longbow is known the "traditional" bow as it's usually made of wood and always fires wooden arrows. The limbs are not flexible and the arrows are known to glide over long distances rather than shoot through the air into the target. To master the longbow is perhaps the hardest skill of all as there are no stabilisers, sights, or gimmicks. It's also the least common of the three bows.

The third type of bow, and by far the most expensive, is known as the compound bow. The compound bow is typically the most powerful of the bows, and for that purpose they are usually used for hunting game in the US. Instead of possessing flexible limbs, like a recurve bow, they use a complex system of mechanical pulleys to draw the arrow back in order to achieve a massive amount of firepower; the arrows tend to be so powerful that they have to use special targets to fire their arrows at in competition.

Whatever your status regarding archery in its current form, you can be assured that the sport has a rich history and is still holding on to a vast amount of popularity even today due to the large amount of customisation options in competition, scoring, and the type of bow that is available to people.

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