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Thermostat Problems - Common Issues That You Could Face

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 247

Your air conditioning or heating unit has a thermostat that enables you to regulate its temperature and reduce overall electricity consumption; therefore thermostat problems should be dealt with as soon as they occur. You need to have a fair knowledge of what problems your thermostat could face so that you can get the appropriate help without wasting a great deal of time.

One of the most common thermostat problems is the inability to maintain room temperature at the desired level. Your room might suddenly feel too hot or too cold. You will also notice a corresponding increase in electricity bills. This generally happens when the thermostat has become very old. If your air conditioning or heating unit is an old one then you should check its wiring. You might even need to replace its transformer.

Often times, the heater or air conditioner will not come on even though it has been programmed to do so. The reverse might also happen when the appliance is triggered even though the room temperature does not justify its doing so. These thermostat problems generally occur because the thermostat or the entire unit needs cleaning. It is very common for dust to accumulate in the pipes and ducts leading into the unit and this debris causes it to function incorrectly. This problem is generally solved by cleaning the unit properly. It is generally easy to do this on one's own. If however you are uncomfortable with opening up the air conditioner or heater then you ought to get it looked into professionally.

It sometimes also happens that the appliance is placed in a location where it receives direct sunlight or a strong draft. These too can cause the thermostat to behave in an erratic manner. The only solution to the problem is to change the location of the appliance or remove the outside interference.

If your thermostat is working erratically because it is very old then it is time for you to consider replacing it because repairs will only be of limited use. Make sure that you buy a brand new digital thermostat because it has been found to work far better than the older conventional models. Not only will your heater or air conditioning unit work more effectively with a brand new thermostat but you will also save a great deal of money on electricity bills. Buy your new thermostat only after studying all the available options.

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