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What About Anxiety Attacks In Young Children?

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 187

For many parents out there, anxiety attacks in their children may go unnoticed. Most of the time their anxiety condition may be mistaken for bad behaviour or temper tantrums, but the reality is that over 50% of children that suffer from anxiety attacks never find the appropriate remedies for their condition, and that anxiety condition will likely grow into something that will trouble them in their later years.

The effects of the various remedies for children that suffer from anxiety attacks is pretty good, but because people frequently get it wrong, misjudging what the child is suffering from, the condition may linger with the child until they reach their adolescent years, at which point their anxiety may have become worse, having a detrimental effect on the daily life of that individual. Antidepressants and cognitive behavioural therapy combined has proven to be pretty successful, even when it is administered on children that have had anxiety attacks for a considerable length of time.

Chronic anxiety disorders suffered in adults commonly originates from that individuals childhood. In most cases, anxiety attacks will develop into something much worse as that child gets older.

Another thing that must be noted is that children that have a fear of the dark tend to be more at risk of suffering such conditions as they reach adulthood. From recent studies, it's now proven that such fears tend to be the result of a number of disorders, and not just one.

What can you do to help your child deal with his/her fear of dark places? A nightlight is what would be recommended to you by a child physiologist, or ensuring that the bedroom of your child(s) is close to yours (the parents). Leaving the room door open while they sleep at night is also another good idea of making the child feel save. However, there are a lot of parents out there that believe that such actions will make their child become fearful and weak as they reach the age of maturity, while the reality is that such behaviours will do the complete opposite, as it will help the child alleviate any feelings of loneliness and desolation.

The toilet habits that children have are another method that is used to determine whether an individual will suffer from anxiety in his/her later years. This is definitely something that both medical experts and parents overlook, primarily because people tend to feel a little uncomfortable speaking about something so private.

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