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How to Stop Panic Attacks Naturally and Fast Without Medication

April 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 199

More and more people with panic disorder are searching for answers on how to stop panic attacks fast without medication. Here you'll discover a natural technique to help you stop anxiety attacks fast...

Typically, physicians will prescribe drugs such as tranquilizers, antidepressants and even beta-blockers. But these can have some pretty nasty side effects, and besides, people are increasingly worried about taking these types of drugs. So they are looking for ways to stop panic attacks that are natural.

Such solutions do exist and one particular technique to prevent panic/anxiety attacks naturally is discussed here. But, before going into that, you really need to understand some home truths about panic attacks and why you may keep on getting them...


Your first panic anxiety attack is a pivotal moment in your life. And I say that because of the effect on your behaviour following that horrendous first event. The emotional turmoil you go through during a panic attack is absolutely overwhelming. It happens so suddenly and so unexpectedly that it leaves you totally bewildered and frightened.

But here's the thing; there is no reason why you should suffer more attacks. So why, once having had a panic attack, do so many victims end up having repeat attacks over time? The reason is that a panic / anxiety attack is just so terrible that it leaves an imprint of fear in your psyche; the fear of having another attack. And it's this very fear of another panic attack that triggers the other attacks. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy because fear is such a powerful emotion.

If you can just take on board, and truly believe, that there is no real reason why you should suffer repeated panic (anxiety) attacks, and that it's your own fear of them that actually delivers them, you can stop panic attacks from blighting your life.


If you suffer from repeated attacks then not only are you suffering emotionally and physically during them, they are seriously damaging your whole way of life.

Sufferers of panic disorder find it difficult to live normal lives. For example, some can't face going to work for fear of having an attack. Others can't go shopping, won't go in elevators (lifts), won't cross bridges, won't use public transport, are scared of driving, scared of flying, can't go to restaurants, and so on.

And many sufferers actually hide their problem from other family members, close friends and work colleagues. This is usually done out of a misplaced notion that these attacks are somehow a sign of 'weakness,' a personality flaw, or even a mental illness. You need to know that they are none of these. Panic attacks are a behavioral issue, nothing else, which means that they can be stopped.

So, if you're like most panic disorder victims, you feel isolated. You live in constant fear of embarrassing yourself in front of people. People don't understand how you feel. You eventually end up in a solitary shell of your own making. You know you can't go on like this, but your don't know how to break out of this negative anxiety cycle. Which you must do if you are to get your life back...


The first thing is that concealing your disorder from those around you means that they cannot help you. If you share it with your family at least, perhaps they'll begin to understand why you have stopped leading the life you once did. And if they get a better understanding of the issues and the way you feel, they can help you get through this. You'll certainly won't feel so isolated. Why not show them this article?

The next thing is to do the opposite of what you are tending to do right now. Right now you are running away from your fear (of an attack). In other words, you won't put yourself in a position where an attack may happen. But that puts you under almost constant stress. This adds to your overall anxiety levels and ultimately triggers another attack. And during such an attack you won't face up to it and recognize it for what it is. That is, it happens as a result of your fear of having another one in the first place!


First, here are 4 key fundamentals of how to stop panic attacks without medication...

1. A panic attack need only be an isolated attack. There is no medical reason why you should suffer any more.

2. Further panic attacks are the result of your fear of having another one. Get rid of the fear and you'll stop the panic attacks.

3. No one has ever died of a panic attack. Even although you experience feelings of doom during one, you absolutely aren't going to die.

4. Don't run away from the fear or try to block it. Instead embrace it and meet it head-on.

Okay, practically speaking, how do you stop a panic attack without using drug-based medication? Well, you need a technique, of which there are several. Here is one that you can try...

Because you've suffered at least one panic attack, if not more, in the past, you should be able to spot the onset of one. Now, instead of letting your fear control your emotions, take back control. Do this by embracing the fear...

Face it head-on and understand it for what it is. You now know that you won't die. You now know that it's your fear that is causing the attack, nothing else. So wrap your arms around it a tell it to do its worst. Actually want to, and tell it to, make the symptoms worse than they are.

Here's the thing: when you do that you'll have broken the illusion because you will have shown no fear through the very act of demanding that your anxiety make the symptoms of the attack even worse. If you do this successfully, you'll discover that you can stop the panic attack very quickly.

It may take some practice at first before you're completely successful, or, you may find success the first time around. But once having done this successfully your fear of another attack will have been massively reduced and so too your chances of having another attack.

Furthermore, if you wish to get the facts on a special technique that has been said to stop panic attacks in as little as 21 seconds and reduce anxiety in as little as 7 minutes, then please visit: today.

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