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Using a Hobby As An Investment Strategy With Antique Coins and Paper Currency

April 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 199

If you want to get into a hobby you have a lot of choices. Some people might consider some types of sports to be hobbies but for our purposes they reside in a different category. We're more interested in a staid type of occupation than the sweaty exertion or strategy involved in many sports. But if you are going to choose a hobby it seems to make sense to pick something that can add some additional value to your life besides pure amusement. Interestingly enough there are certain hobbies that can actually enhance your financial situation as well as providing enjoyment and relaxation.

Collecting coins and antique currency of various types seems like one area that might have the potential to be amusing and profitable at the same time if done correctly. The reason for this is that there are times when collectibles can actually be a type of investment or a protection against the loss of one's savings to inflation.

When the monetary environment is like the one we have right now the interest paid on savings is so low that the real interest rate you receive after inflation is actually negative. You are essentially losing money by keeping it in the bank. During times like this some goods actually do a decent job at keeping up with or outpacing inflation.

Older currencies can be one of these goods due to the fact that -at least in America- old coins used to be made from more valuable metals than their modern day counterparts. We use zinc and copper coins now but in the past there were a lot of silver coins in circulation. Vintage paper money does not really have the same advantage since it's not made from a valuable metal but if you are well versed in the value of silver certificates and other types of vintage currency you may be able to acquire rare specimens at a good price and build a valuable collection.

If you want your collection to have a dual purpose you will probably need to pay more attention to getting the best possible value when you acquire a new addition. There's no point in paying more than necessary and even if the attachment is emotional you should keep the investment strategy in mind as well so that you have the most room for appreciation. If you are able to acquire items at a lower price when you sell -should you decide to do so- you will be able to get a much better return.

Using collectibles as a hobby and an investment probably isn't for everyone. If you have an analytical mind it could be a good method for you but keep in mind that it will require some research and a bit more thoroughness than if you simply purchased collectible coins and silver certificates that appealed to you based on aesthetics or rarity.

If you are interested in antique silver certificates you can read more about the different types available and their value at

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