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Indian Antiques - A Collection Of Precious Traditional Items

April 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 261

India is a country of many different cultures and traditions and when referring to antiques, India stands with the top providers. Indian antiques not only represent the culture, but also the precious skills of creating unique and beautiful items. If you love to collect antiques, then antiques from India would be considered to be a treasure for you. You can find numerous antiques within a range of criteria. Beautiful designs and fine shapes of antiques are the specialty of these items.

Types of antiques:

Indian antiques are made of different types of materials. A large variety of selections are available in silver, brass, bronze, copper and combinations of some of these. Paintings and handicrafts are some of the antiques people love to buy and even gift to their loved ones.

Precious Indian antiques are in demand nowadays because of their uniqueness. However, some people are so fond of antiques that they collect and even decorate their home with beautiful antiques. As these antique items are attractive and unique, they have a status value. Most of the people are attracted towards useful antiques made of brass or copper or a combination of both.

Most popular copper antiques:

Though there are countless copper antiques available all over India, some of the most preferred items are:

Ashtrays- One of the most commonly used item of ancient days is an ashtray. To have an antique ashtray in your living room would definitely make your room striking. Antique ashtrays are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Beautifully designed pots- In ancient days, these pots were commonly used in every home. Different types of pots were used for different purposes. Water pots, food pots, flowerpots and many other types of pots were designed by hand. They were expertly casted and these pots can now be a part of your home.

Antique Surma dani/ Bottle- These bottles were widely used among women to keep surma in it. Surma, which is a mixture of soot and herbal ingredients, was used to put it the eyes. It is supposed to be good for eyes; and it was regularly used as an eye make-up to darken eyelids.

Apart from this, it was used as mascara too. Such surma danis were in use in Middle East, North America along with Arabic countries and South Asia. Some of them are a part of museums of antiques while some are available online for sale. These surmadanis come in a variety of shapes like mango, peacock, parrot and flowers.

Indian antiques are a part of the rare treasures from India. They are a sign of Indian culture and skills of unique creativity. So, purchase some Indian antiques and take a part of Indian culture into your home.

What are you waiting for? Decorate your home now with some beautiful Indian Antiques.

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