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The Value of Culture

March 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 136

A good culture plays a part in moulding the morals of individuals and the society at large. Culture in itself is a powerful mentor, tending to shape individuals in its image. The culture of ancient Greek and ancient Israel show us the ways in which culture affected the morals of the individual; we read in biblical writings which were written in the era where these two cultures were predominant, that "Noah was a righteous man, and perfect in his generation."

Culture is a powerful tool for human continued positive existence. It regulates a people and gives them:


Every individual in any strong culture identifies himself with that particular culture and therefore has a sense of belonging. The Israelites lived a nomadic life and yet in any nation they went to they still identified themselves as Jews and conducted themselves according to their cultural beliefs.


All the individuals young and old were accountable to the instructions of their society and to one another.


There was continuity or continued existence of the cultural beliefs. They were handed down from generation to generation.

Order/ Code of conduct

There was a set of rules governing the lives and the general welfare of the individuals in the society and the way in which they were enforced. The process was so repetitive that it became engrained in the members of that society and the individuals developed good character.

Today society has neglected culture and has therefore given birth to individuals who lack the values of life and good character. How can we restore good values? Can we rebuild what has already been torn down? Yes we can. If not in this generation, we can have a better tomorrow for our children and grandchildren, if we begin to take action now.

A few of the vehicles for change which can be used are:

Education System

The education system can help build a culture. The power to use the education forum to shape the morals and dispositions of individuals, by imparting skills and insights in an agreed format or pattern in a particular society, can cause a revolution of an entire culture.

Religious Beliefs

These mould people in the way individuals act, think and behave and can thereby be used to form a good culture in that religious society.

Family Life

Each family has a code of conduct governing that particular family. The head or both parents in the family can play a big role in creating culture continuity in their offspring by instilling the good values which form the culture in that family.

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