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Surfer Kid Asks Neighbor for a One-Spot or Dollar, Neighbor Goes Ballistic

February 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 187

Not long ago, I was told a story about two neighbors in a middle class neighborhood. One was a couple mid-50'ish, the other was a dad with 3 teenage sons, their mother was not around. The men of the two different households had mild conversations at times mostly over cars and automobile topics as the Dad of the 3-teenagers was rebuilding a pick-up truck. He was tall longer hair, big Norwegian type, Viking size, but trim for his height. His kids were starting to show muscularity and played various sports.

The other man was a management guy or did some similar type work, and they often chatted about cars and philosophical issues. One day, the man with the sons, had his youngest, who enjoyed riding skateboards and was somewhat skinny, but taller than usual for his age ask him for money, as teenagers often do; "Dad can I have a one-sport (dollar)? The Dad, said "No" and the son asked; "why not?" The dad told the son to go over to the neighbor's house and ask him for money "because you are not getting any from me!"

So, the son figured he had nothing to lose and needed a dollar, for what reason, who knows? Anyway, when he asked the neighbor for a "one-sport" in a sheepish somewhat embarrassed tone, the neighbor started to give him a harsh lecture. "You want me to give you money? Why don't you go get a job, or ask me if there is something you can do to earn the money?" The neighbor went on and on with the lecture, and finally the boy said; "whatever, sorry I asked," and began to walk home.

Having cut the neighbor off in mid-sentence, the neighbor was infuriated and followed the boy home to have a talk with his father. His father told the neighbor, "I told him to go over there and ask for the money, so you could tell him why he couldn't have it, I hope you didn't give my son any money."

"No," said the neighbor, "I gave him a lecture, we had words," the neighbor explained. "Good" said the dad, "now he gets it."

The neighbor started to walk home and then the other brothers and a friend approached the neighbor trying to start a fight right there in neighborhood over his lecture to their brother. The neighbor told the boys; "don't make me hurt you," but they continued their advances with puffed up chests, then the Dad came running out to see what the problem was, and to protect his sons from the neighbor, his friend, who looked as if he was close to coming to blows; all this over the petty argument of his panhandling son, even after he was told by his father to do it.

Moral of the Story;

1-It's not okay to beg for money2-No one owes you anything, get a job3-If the authorities make you believe it's okay to take or attack the wealthy, you and they are both wrong.

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