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NAZI - The Anatomy of a Narcissistic Regime

June 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 171

NAZI - Can mankind learn anything positive from the NAZI regime?

I am not a Psychologist, Anthropologist, or Sociologist, but I do have one important advantage, the ability to capture a raw look at the man known as Adolph Hitler without that view being tainted or confined within academic constraints. In this investigation, I question everything and draw my own conclusions.

What started as an innocent article a few weeks ago in May 2012 has literally turned my understanding of Hitler and Nazism on its head?

I have always had a fascination of Hitler and that era of the Third Reich. I consider myself somewhat of an expert having read and watched countless DVDs, Movies, and more recently the controversial book Mein Kamp.

Several chapters in I noted an extremely peculiar statement, one that I though had originated from psychologists of today's world, but clearly not, could Hitler be the lone intellectual author of such a controversial statement?

There can be no doubt that the belief and use of such a phrase had played a major part in the way pogroms, and mass genocide was delivered to the Jewish people during that turbulent period.

I am now reading Mein Kamp and associate texts for a second time being careful to note references associated with his questionable ideology, sadly this ideology is still supported by psychologists to this very day.

Words, Definitions and Terms:

A prerequisite for any readings of the Nazi era is an accurate understanding of terms and definitions. The definitions of words commonly differ depending on the year and geographic location within such as a country or state. A good example of this is the word "Fascism."

Fascism - Origin:

*Italian - Fascismo, refers to the original fascist ideology in Italy. This ideology is associated with the National Fascist Party which under Benito Mussolini ruled the Kingdom of Italy from 1922 until 1943.

Today's Interpretation:

*Fascism, a radical authoritarian nationalist political ideology.

Total War

My own personal interpretation of total war is simply that "anything goes." The acceptance of total war by the German populace was important, and very much like giving a blank cheque to Hitler and his Third Reich. I suspect that total war would have been implemented whether the German population was in agreement or not. The total war policy was easily and quickly adopted allowing complete mobilization of all available resources and population for the war effort.


Could Adolph Hitler of duped today's academics by selling simple phrases as factual? At the core of academic understanding is the application of statistics which have commonly been responsible for the interpretation of statements. What's alarming is that some terms have survived the passage of time without being challenged at all. I believe that a fresh evaluation of academic findings will reveal discrepancies in models that have previously given support to Adolph Hitler and his ideologies.

*Definitions courtesy of Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia.

The Challenge - Interpretation - Mein Kampf, and Nazism.

A book expected to be released by the end of 2012 and will examine a range of ideologies, many of which have been previously accepted by academics and survive unchallenged to this very day.

Article by: Brendan Mckenna - "Outstanding" Professional Writing: Documentary, Investigative Journalism.

Copyright: Brendan Mckenna 17th June 2012 Warrnambool Australia

Feedback & Pre-orders welcome, Email:

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