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Wedding Anniversaries - Celebrate by Taking a Second Honeymoon!

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 220

I was 22 when I said "I do". That was prior to my career taking off and adding four small children to our lives. No longer do we sit and gaze in each others eyes but rather catch up in passing while I'm changing diapers and he's bathing children. (But most days we would say we wouldn't have it any other way.)

While raising children (or not) it's so important to keep your relationship with your spouse alive. One way to do that is by getting away from it all and taking a 2nd honeymoon. But when is the right time to do that after your 5th, 10th or 15th year of marriage?

At five years of marriage you may have had your first or second child. This is such a hard time to get away if you still have little ones running around. Finances are tight with new expenses to the budget like childcare and diapers. IF you can get away for your 5th anniversary - do it! I know you could use a break.

If you can't get away at five years, do something romantic with the traditional and modern day suggested anniversary gifts and explain the meaning behind them. Your spouse will be touched by the research and thought that went into it.

At ten years of marriage you are probably much more established in your career. This might be a much better time in your life to "get away" from the every day responsibilities. If you have the disposable income to do so, go on a 2nd honeymoon. Unless your first honeymoon was to die for, pick a new destination to celebrate who you are today, ten years later and make new memories there.

The #1 second honeymoon destination is Hawaii. I have never been but would go in a heart beat. Other suggested ideas for a second honeymoon are cruises, Europe, Italy, Mexico, Tahiti and St. Lucia. We took our 2nd honeymoon to Europe. It was a once in a lifetime vacation. Just like your first honeymoon, spend plenty of time planning every little detail. Make the departure special by staying overnight at a hotel near your airport or a large major city. Book first class tickets so you are treated like a king and queen during the flight. (Remember, for the past ten years you have been taking care of everyone else. This is your chance to be taken care of.)

Whenever you travel outside of the U.S. be sure to know your the 'ins and outs' of your major medical insurance. It might be necessary to carry international travel health insurance during your 2nd honeymoon. You would not want to sustain an accident or become sick overseas and then find out you have no health coverage. If someone dies abroad it costs upwards of $10,000 (without medical insurance) to bring your remains back to the U.S. (Not romantic, I know, but very important to understand).

Back to the fun part. Book the most exotic hotel or resort in your selected destination. Spend the extra money because it may be another ten years or until you are empty nesters who are no longer paying college tuition before you get a third chance at a honeymoon.

Let's assume the years have flown by and many excuses have been made and now you are approaching your fifteen year anniversary and yet no second honeymoon. It's never too late. Make it happen and make it a priority this year. If you get away for this fifteenth anniversary purchase a special piece from your vacation destination that represents the suggested fifteen year anniversary gift. It will be a special piece of your life to pass on to your children.

The moral of this story is to make your relationship a top priority. Second honeymoons are amazing but long weekends away can be just as beneficial to keeping the flame alive. Do plenty of research and planning to make any time away, without kids and ALONE extra special.

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