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Eye Catchy Flash Web Templates - Pros and Cons

April 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 211

Flash web templates, a nice way of catching the attention of visitors visiting your website. They generally deal with high quality graphics generated with the help of the Adobe Shockwave player, but that not limit the scope of such templates, it is much wider than we think. The days are gone when web designers used to only deal with monotonous text content to make a website. Now is the era of "Flash" in web designing world. Embedding flash in websites allows designers to add content like photos, videos which can be streamed online, interactive flash intro pages and thank you pages for websites and mainly addition of sound in a website.

It has now more than 16 years since 1996 flash came into being existence and its popularity has been growing since its origin.

As making a website in terms with SEO and content design friendly, Flash has its own pros and cons. Let's have a look.

Pros of Flash Templates:

· As long as HTML based websites are concerned, they deal with only text and images content which are not considered as interactive as flash content is. Mainly due to introduction of animations in flash websites, flash templates have become a lot popular. Flash helps in providing a full multimedia look to your website which encourages more visitors to visit your website.

· Flash intros have become an essential part in building a website. Designers used flash content to give a brief introduction about the products and services given by the website.

· Integration of Social media in any website is the utmost need, so such templates always comes up with pre-enabled social media integration. Uploading your content on your social fan page becomes easier as the whole process is automatic unlike HTML based websites where you have to do manually by visiting to your fan page.

Cons of Flash Templates:

· Downloading Speed Issues: As more heavy contents are being embedded in flash based websites so they require more time to download on a webpage which is a serious issue if the user is using low bandwidth network which will ultimately lead to lower traffic from such category users whose numbers are in large proportion in internet users. So speed is a serious issue in such templates.

· Lower SEO Rankings: As the ultimate return needed from making a website is money and a large number of users, but flash based websites have generally low SEO rankings as it is normally seen. As search spiders of various popular search engines favours the text based content more so in that case flash content has a big disadvantage. It requires more effort in bringing higher rankings for flash content which becomes a tedious job then. As more the flash content glitters, more lower will be its SEO rankings.

Flash SDK has been made now which enables designers to extract text content from the flash included in a webpage which easily allows search spiders to crawl the content of a flash website. Flash, no doubt is a scintillating tool to go for while developing an eye catch candy website but not doing it properly in terms of SEO can bring you failure instead of success.

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