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Top Tips of Anger Management

May 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 130

Anger management has become essential in life today. With hundreds of jobs in hand and few hands of help, it has become quite natural to be furious. Since time management is awarded extra advantage, the work needs to be done within the specified time period. Otherwise, you are fired and someone else is hired.

Since it is not always possible to shift responsibility, following a proper schedule and multi-tasking becomes necessary. Here are few tips followed for effective anger management in life:

Silence is the first and most significant tool to overpower fury. Not reacting to the verbal abuses and taunts is quite effective in concentrating on work. Situation is provocative but exercising control over the use words is considered the best way to counter uncalled-for provocation.

If you are finding difficulty in managing things, stay calm physically and mentally. Close your eyes for few minutes and try to forget what and how things have happened. If possible, try to take deep breath and exhale slowly. Try to keep the mind empty.

Sometimes, you might feel like killing your silence. To avoid such situation, drink a glass of water. Water is not only responsible for killing thirst; it works as a great weapon in cooling head. By cooling head, I mean to propose, water tries to shrug off thoughts popping out of brain. It seems the things are falling in place drop by drop.

Listening to soft or slow music is another weapon useful in controlling the negative thoughts emerging in an angry state. The musical notes are refreshing and leave a greater impact both on brain and heart. It cools of things instantly, allowing gather the nuances behind different tunes.

Meditation is also an effective tool of anger management. In fact, sitting for half an hour of meditation would never allow fury to enter the mind despite provocation. You would find that these thoughts would not emerge in the first place. Meditation trains the mind to maintain peace and calmness in an extremely volatile or violent situation.

I feel taking shower helps control anger. It is not only possible to wash off dirt and dust but it also helps to eliminate negative thoughts. If you are furious on someone and standing near a swimming pool, take a dip immediately. You would instantly feel the calmness prevailing in your mind. This process will have subsequent effect on body and you would respond accordingly.

For proper anger management, you can pen down feelings on a piece of paper or laptop. By penning, you are allowing your heart to release the negative thoughts onto the paper. The burden of humiliation suffered just a few moments back suddenly vanishes. You feel a kind of relief and mental peace.

Anger management is helpful everywhere. It is important to look for the holes through which the fury could be disposed off. At the same time, allow those holes to work as source of light so that they enlighten the heart and mind.

Neerja Mehta is freelance motivational writer and speaker. Visit to read articles on self-improvement and public speaking

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