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Learning To Control Anger

May 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 93

Life is a constant struggle for existence. Nowadays, everybody is working hard to make ends meet and in doing so face pressures and stressors a lot of times on an almost daily basis. We face stress on many levels, such as:

1. Stressors related to our workplace where we are in a stressed environment and have to work hard to prove ourselves and to perform tasks in a limited time frame.

2. Stressors related to household management are a daily source of stress, where the household work has to be completed in a coordinated manner, on time.

3. Responsibility of children is a major stress for parents, where parents have to take care of the children and look after their wellbeing.

4. Marital life turns into a very big source of stress if husband and wife do not understand each other.

5. Certain family issues can become a constant source of stress for us.

6. Financial issues are stressors throughout the world today because people inevitably find it necessary to maintain a good financial standing, which is not that easy.

Stress is directly linked to the emotion of anger and every individual has a specific capacity to withhold their feelings of stress and anger. Everyone has different anger and stress management techniques which have varying degrees of effectiveness.

A reaction to a stressful situation is quite normal and natural, but the reaction can either be positive or negative and it again varies from individual to individual. Some people turn their stress into a positive force and find the root cause of their anger.

At the same time some people react violently to stress and become the victims of anger. Anger management techniques must be employed to prevent this from getting out of control.

We are gifted with a brain, with which we can think and reason out different problems we face on a daily basis and should consequently be able to figure out acceptable solutions.

Rather than getting all frustrated and exhausted, without any resolution of the problem. This is an important anger management technique that we need to make the best use of.

Sometimes it does happen a person that is not aggressive is targeted by people and is bullied, which leads to passive aggression. Passive aggression is a state of anger in which a person cultivates the anger within themselves.

They do not let their feelings out until they reach a certain point where they cannot keep the aggression bottled up any longer and it just bursts out.

Getting angry is a natural phenomenon, but having said that, it has to be kept under control. When we see that things are getting out of control and we cannot handle all the various emotions that our mind is going through, then it is time to seek anger management counseling. This should always be obtained from a fully qualified anger management therapist.

Anger management therapists have the necessary training to teach us many anger management techniques. They may recommend keeping an anger management journal, reading different anger management books that contain appropriate anger management tips to help us understand the root causes of our problems.

Ultimately they will enable us to find a resolution to all our problems related to stress and anger. If necessary they may recommend some type of anger management medication to help us take control.

Lastly, always try to remember that anger is just an another emotion and we as humans can control it and we should not let it victimize us in any way.

Article written by Norman Holden editor and owner of a website about Anger Control and Training Visit his website on a regular basis for up-to-date news and help.

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