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How to Turn Anger Into Prosperity

April 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 151

One of the reasons why law-of-attraction and reality-modification techniques are often unreliable is that they lack sufficient energy to fuel the manifesting process. After all, physical reality is energy-based and can be most effectively reshaped through the further application of creative energy or Divine Energy, if you will.

You need more than a well-defined mental picture of your desires and goals in order to consciously modify your reality. Relying entirely on visualization, no matter how detailed, is similar to having intricate floor plans, but no available raw building materials with which to build your dream house.

How do you know if you have sufficient high-frequency energy for manifesting? This is easily determined by consulting your built-in energy meter - your emotions! Your emotional state is one of the clearest indicators of how ready you are to launch your intentions into reality.

High-frequency emotional states such as optimism, joy and love feed the creation process. Negative, low-vibrating emotions such as sadness, fear, jealousy and depression do the exact opposite.

Anger is one of the most destructive emotions. Never practice a law of attraction technique when you are angry, defensive or annoyed because you will limit your power and undermine your goals.

The creative potential of every emotional states is determined by its vibratory frequency rather than by some mysterious, absolute quality. Furthermore, your emotions form a continuum transitioning from the lower to the higher vibratory range.

Knowledge of this seamless energy scale is very important because it provides you with a tool for transforming your negative emotions into higher frequency energy which you can then use in realizing your desires. This is one of the great secrets of transmutation which ancient alchemists have symbolically referred to in their magical work.

Anger is the most intensely powerful and immediately destructive of the lower energy states. Because it also is one of the most palpable of the emotions, it gives you an immediate opportunity for constructive energy transmutation.

Falling into the anger trap is easy due to its accessible low vibratory state. People who are angry are usually unconscious which means that they are unaware of their emotions until it is too late.

If you are prone to anger, start your day by giving yourself a mental suggestion to stay alert for the first signs of annoyance within you. However, if you happen succumb to the intoxicating physical sensations of this emotion, you must view your anger objectively so you can turn a weak moment into a golden opportunity.

As you begin to feel these recognizable sensations in your solar plexus, immediately revert to your observer mode by acknowledging that you are indeed angry. This objective recognition puts you in the driver's seat and prevents your emotions from developing into full-blown unconscious rage.

You can then use visualization to begin the energy-transmutation process. Picture your anger as a dark red energy ball in the pit of your stomach and mentally change its color into a lighter reddish pink and eventually into a soft white with a bluish tint. Imagine this energy ball gently floating up to your heart area as it loses its destructive color and quality.

When you feel that your anger has been fully transmuted into a more positive state, mentally store it in your heart area for later use in reality modification. If you are not interested or ready to do so, simply release this mental energy ball into the atmosphere to be recycled.

The next time someone cuts you off in traffic, stay conscious and pull back into your observer mode. Safely pull off the road if you are uncontrollably angry and think of creative ways to use this emotional energy once you have transmuted it into a more suitable form!

Energy-transmutation is an advanced alchemical technique which requires practice and full awareness so you must use commonsense and avoid distracting visualization while performing jobs that require your complete attention.

It is always best to avoid any anger response as it can put you and others in danger. As they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure so consider seeking professional help if you are prone to constant, uncontrollable rage.

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