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How To Control Anger Using Bare Awareness

March 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 77

How do you train your mind and make it non-judgmental, how do you develop bare awareness?

Let's use the analogy of the warrior. Before she/he is given the task of guarding the perimeter of their territory he/she must be trained. There are two levels of training, formal and informal. The formal training is called sitting mediation and the informal mindfulness.

So to train in sitting meditation the warrior would take action by using a 7 point sitting method, the breath and bare awareness, to develop focus, patience and become disciplined. In his/her chambers the warrior would sit either on a cushion on the floor with legs crossed, or on a chair with feet flat on the ground, with a straight spine, arms resting easily on the thighs, chin pulled slightly in, tip of the tongue resting on the roof of the mouth and eyes looking down about 2 feet ahead.

The focus would be on an object or sound using bare awareness. She/he would also focus on the in and out breath and as thoughts flowed through they would be noticed and then the attention brought back to the breath. The warrior will do this over and over again much like they would practice sword play over and over improving technique with practice.

Now the informal method or mindfulness practice is used outside the chamber during the warrior's daily round. Wherever she/he may be the warrior will take note and straighten the spine and purposefully relax and just notice with all senses whatever is around them using bare awareness; not naming objects or circumstances, just noticing. It helps to use the breath as a centering tool much as you would in a sword fight. If you were dueling you would be totally focused on the opponent, their every move, and you would remain relaxed and in touch with all your senses so as to respond quickly and efficiently in the fight.

Mindfulness is similar in that you are focused on what is happening around you, you are relaxed and ready to respond; but not with a blow of the sword, rather with the edge of awareness.

Now the warrior has the tools to train the mind, to sharpen the sword of awareness, to be ready to slay the BEAST (Being, Easily, Angered(and), Saying (or doing), Terrible things) But as you may have gathered, this beast is not an external foe laying in wait in the woods. This beast is the untrained mind, it is inside the warrior him/her self. OMG you think they must fall on their sword? Well of course not, and there will be no cutting out of the "awful" ego everyone talks about either.

The warrior will spend much time in their chamber and in the daily round observing their thoughts, and emotions using the techniques explained. Over time the observing mind will stabilize more and more, becoming one pointed, calm and precise. The thoughts will not stop, but the warrior will stop reacting to them like a nervous horse.

From this stable awareness insight will arise of its own accord; then upon review of ones beastly thoughts and emotions, under the tutelage of the witness self, faulty thinking will be revealed to the warrior. Self awareness will be realized.

About The Author

Laura Folk is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Holistic Life Coach who writes about various topics related to Anger Management, Meditation and Mindfulness. She is dedicated to assisting individuals in creating a Mindful Lifestyle.

Please Visit for more information, and access to ebooks on these topics.

copyright 2012, all rights reserved.

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