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Are There Good Ways to Use Anger?

March 31, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 121

Anger is an important emotion that shouldn't be avoided or repressed. It is key to our happiness and to making relationships work. Unfortunately, people often associate anger with relationship failure, divorce, a lack of personal control, stress and helplessness. Often people hold in their anger. When their feelings escalate to a certain point, they will finally vent. By this time, they have played the scenario out in their minds and focus more on their own 'side', making them heavily biased against the other individual.

I propose an alternative means of using anger. Anger can increase our feeling of power, motivate us to change ourselves or push for change in relationships and society. It can build relationships and trust if handled correctly. An expert in the field (Tjosvold) suggested that anger offers many benefits. I will build on some of his suggestions based on my own experience as a mediator.

Anger motivates people to make much needed change. It can be a way to get us to move forward. Whether that means being angry enough to make a change, kick someone out of our lives or stand up for something we believe in. Anger strengthens relationships because we experience that the other person will stay by our side, even if we express frustration, hurt and suffering (if the relationship is worth it). This leads to increased dependence and reliance on each other in the future. We get closer as time passes and we experience our emotions together. We also feel a deeper sense of closeness together. Anger also helps us understand ourselves. Bringing our anger up with someone in a calm and non-accusatory manor allows us to be supported, to open up a discussion and to see more of ourselves.

To increase the effectiveness of expressing anger, we must openly express anger in away to encourage self-responsibility, cooperation and reliance on one another and empowerment. Ask yourself how you played a role in the conflict. It's hard to see our own involvement, but a conflict always involves more than one party through either action or inaction. Being self righteous will only make the conflict escalate. Express your reliance on the other person and that you are interested in working together in the future (or having a long term relationship). Tell the other person that you want to hear their views, and that they are equally important to find a resolution. This empowers them to express themselves and to simultaneously know that you genuinely care. They will be more likely to collaborate in the future.

It's clear that anger can bring us to places we never imagined. A scary emotion to many people; motivates us, improves our relationships and increases our self-awareness. The way we express anger is key at achieving this. If we focus on encouraging differences, cooperation, dependence and empowerment, it will be easier for others to 'hear' our anger, and not merely 'listen'. This means that we can positively expressing anger that helps us positively improve our lives.

Jonathan has a Master of Science and several years of experience in conflict resolution, mediation, partnership building, facilitation, leadership and diversity. Jonathan is a qualified accredited mediator in Canada. Jonathan completed various Alternative Dispute Resolution training in Canada and the Netherlands, dealing with Victim-Offender Mediation, Negotiation, Neighbourhood Mediation, Public Policy Mediation and more. See his website at

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