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Angry Letters: How to Write Them, Not to Send Them

May 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 99

At some point we have all wanted to rant about our anger and disappointment at a person or thing that has happened. Already, most people even have a few unsent letters like this in their email drafts box. Writing letters like these can be a positive and calm way to take out your stress, exercise your pride, or simply vent your feelings. Instead of bottling everything up, or exploding in negativity at someone, you can write it out to relieve the tension by seeing your emotions on paper or the computer screen. Not only does it keep you from simply harboring resentment inwardly until it erupts, seeing your feelings in front of you can help you decide what course of action you should take.

1. Start by making a list of words that capture how you are feeling right now. The first things that pop into your mind surrounding how you are feeling- jot down those words. They can certainly be expletive if they need to be. Hold nothing back! Ok, got that out?

2. Take a look over those words and try to think about why you wrote those down. Write down the subject that those individual words about. This may be just one person or topic, that is ok, but sometimes it is not. Doing this may help you realize that you are not just angry at one person, but maybe a series of unfortunate events they are or are not related.

3. Ok, now quickly write down the reasons that you are angry at the subjects from step 2. Go into as much or as little detail as you want, this is for your benefit alone.

4. Now, you know why you are angry, it is time for the classic question, "How does that make you feel?" Go beyond all of the synonyms for "angry" and look for why each of the reasons you listed actually affected you. Did you feel vulnerable? Did you feel like there was an injustice that was done to you? Are you feeling tired because you have gone through this so many times? Does it make you feel bad about yourself?

5. Write your letter. Keep in mind what you have written for step 4. Do not just tell them how wrong they are, but why you have become frustrated by them and how it has affected you. Be as brutally honest as you want, no one but you will see this letter. Get it all out and tell them what is what, but also try to explain why you feel the way you do.

Sending these letters is virtually never a good idea, at least not until you have calmed down and read over everything that you want to say. However, after writing it all out, hopefully you can think clearly about how to resolve the feelings. Maybe it was just a passing emotion, but maybe you should figure out what you can do to prevent being angry about this in the future. This same method of writing letters can be used for other strong emotions in your life as well, the possibilities are endless.

Give it a try, after all what have you got to lose? Write it all out and take a deep breath knowing that you have been able to act on your feelings but without damaging relationships or saying things that you cannot take back.

If you have poured your soul into your letters and do not want them moldering away, come and anonymously post them at Letters Left Unsent and get your words out into the open!

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