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Smart Luggage for Air Travel

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 226

Many people can afford air travel once in their lives with the help of the available online bookings in the internet. Getting a good travel deal is no longer a problem when it comes to going to some place for leisure or business. The only challenge to think about after booking your flight tickets is the luggage.

Luggage can be tricky when it comes to being light and enough to enclose all your essentials and then some. So here are some tips in preparing and planning your luggage for a holiday or both short and long trips.

1. Always check baggage allowance in your airline tickets.

Baggage or luggage allowances for air travel information is usually found with the itinerary receipt of your airline ticket as additional information for passengers. Never make the mistake of being ignorant of the luggage rules and regulations so you will not end up bringing the wrong baggages.

Most of the international airlines only allow one checked in luggage or baggage during your travel. A checked in luggage allows about 20-23 kilograms of weight for one piece only.

Do not bring excess luggage or baggages to prevent additional and unexpected excess baggage that can cost you from $70 and up.

Aside from the one checked in luggage, you are usually permitted to bring a hand carry luggage that can fit the aircraft overhead cabins. Take note of the dimensions of overhead cabins of flight carriers to make sure that your carry on luggage is approved by airline terms. They usually weigh between 7-12 kilos per piece.

Both men and women are also allowed to carry one small personal item with the carry on luggage like a purse, laptop, and or other personal small items. If you are visiting a different country, always make sure you have a handbag or backpack to contain and keep safe all your travelling documents.

2. Look for the right luggage bag and containers.

Many manufacturing companies are now creating smart carry-ons in their product line. In most air travel, checked in baggages mostly have roller trolleys to facilitate easier mobility for the traveller. Always choose the right built and feature that you can use.

Backpacks have become the personal favourite of most people with its easy to retrieve access feature and easy to carrying features. Minimize your luggage contents by using vacuum bags and related smart packing devices. This can help you maximize spaces and allow you to bring more without costing you too much.

3. Watch what you pack!

Every airline carrier has a different set of regulations when it comes to the contents of your luggage. Do not be afraid of planning a packing list so you can itemize the things that you will place inside your luggage. Some air travel customs and transfers tend to want to know you not carrying any item that can be dangerous or hazardous during entering a port.

The next thing you should do is to organize your contents inside your luggage. Always pack with function in mind of the items being arranged according to your use.

Do not bring your house when packing, just the essentials and basics that you can mix and match but keep you having just the right amount of luggage.

So smart luggage is never a problem if you follow these three simple reminders. You do not have to be on panic mode when you got the right baggage with you in your air travel without the pain.

Jana Reira writes well researched and well thought articles that can help in disseminating information, promoting your niche, and encourages readers to engage in the article. Have been writing for almost four year now as a freelancer writer with clients from Australia, USA, and Canada.

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