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Carry On Rucksack Advice for Backpackers

April 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 163

Many frequent flyers have had their luggage dirtied, smashed, or lost because they opted to check it, rather than carry it onto their plane. Placing your pack into the airlines' custody is invariably a risk.

Bringing carry on baggage is a much better, and less dangerous, decision.

If you need to ensure that you will not have to check your pack, take a carry on backpack, rather of a suitcase. If your plane is filled, overhead storage will fill up fast, and flyers will be asked to check their bags. In these cases, passengers with wheeled baggage are generally asked to check their luggage, while those using a backpack or duffel are not.

The most vital factor when choosing a carry on pack is its sizing. Each airline establishes its own restrictions on the maximum allowable dimensions for carry on luggage. Most airlines permit luggage up to 45 linear inches (length + breadth + depth) or 22", 14", and 9". To prevent issues at the airport, your backpack must be no bigger than the aforementioned size. Before you depart, you should refer to your airline's website for their carry on baggage size and weight guidelines.

Carry on baggage is less susceptible to injury than checked luggage because it's in your hands. Checked baggage is oftentimes cracked by baggage handlers or lost by the airlines.

Even if you carry your bag on to the airplane, your pack's straps can still rip when the pack is being placed into or removed from the carry on storage space. The best carry on backpacks will permit you to tuck away or overlay the bag's straps. Your bag should also include a handle, like a briefcase, with which to carry the bag when the shoulder straps are tucked away.

The largest potential hassle with carry on bags is bringing them through airport security lines. You should have a bag designed to help you travel through the security line as briskly and efficiently as possible.

Nearly all travelers take a one-quart, plastic toiletry bag. This bag must be removed from your main bag and then put in a bin for examination. To simplify this operation, select a backpack with big, outside pockets that can hold the standard quart-sized Ziploc bag.

The best carry on bags will also have easy-access pockets to temporarily carry your boarding pass, ID, and everything removed from your pants pockets when walking through security line. These exterior pockets must be effortless to reach whenever you're wearing your pack, zip closed so that nothing falls out, and be opaque so that no one can eye up what's inside. These compartments should be on the belt of your carry on rucksack.

Finally, if you'll be bringing your laptop with you, make certain to choose a backpack with a laptop compartment. Laptops are required to be taken from your carry on bags and placed in a separate bin to go through the x-ray machine. Make certain that your computer can be removed from and reinserted into your pack to preclude any hassles.

When picking a carry on bag, buy a backpack that is carry-on-sized and has both hideaway shoulder straps and external pouches. If you get the incorrect bag, you'll have to give it to your airline, so you had better trust them!

To learn more about carry on backpacks, visit the Tortuga Backpacks website.

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