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How to Show a House to Potential Buyers

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 397

Showing a home to a potential buyer is not as cut and dry as it may seem. If this is your very first time showing a home you will want to know some pointers before jumping into the ring. Showing a home is not simply opening the door but showcasing the right house for the right buyer.

The first things you want to do it preview the home ahead of time. If you or your buyer find a home they are interested in, you will want to encourage them to drive by the home first. Many pictures and descriptions can miss a lot of the area and the neighborhood and buyers may realize this is not the neighborhood for them once they drive by. They can learn if the house of their dreams is actually right next to a junk yard or waste site.

Once the buyers have driven by and want to move forward, then you will need to preview the home ahead of time. You won't necessarily meet with the sellers or arrange a time before the actual showing since this only wastes the sellers time, but you will want to be certain of the driving directions and how to get there. Knowing the house, at least somewhat, before you show your buyer, shows you are a dedicated agent wanting to truly offer them top-notch service.

After the drive-by and the preview, then you can personally show them the home. Call the listing agent and/or the sellers and inform them of the showing. Schedule a time that works well for everyone and be on time and consistent. Being later for an appointment does not look well for the sellers. You can either drive with your buyers or they can follow you, whatever they and you feel comfortable with. As a woman real estate agent, you may not want to be alone with a single male buyer for safety reasons. Also, be sure to let someone know you are showing the house and where you will be and how long you will be gone. Check in when you are done as well.

Once you are in the home, be sure to leave a card and discuss the home with the potential buyers. Point out features that your buyers may be interested in or have mentioned in the past. Allow them ample time to browse all the rooms and be sure to accompany them through the house for their safety as well as security for the sellers. Be aware of any pets or allergies your buyers may have. Take a look at the outside as well and try to have a feel for the neighborhood. Let them know what school district they are in and how far to the nearest market or freeway.

All of these minor details add up to prove to the buyer you are a valuable buyers agent. Help them realize that not working with you could cost them the right house.

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