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What Are Independent Brokers?

April 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 155

Have you ever worked for a company? If you have, do you think your job paid you well enough? Were you satisfied with your work? And more importantly, did you have freedom in how you execute your job? Most people would say no, no, and no, whereas some people may say yes, no, and no. Some companies are so strict with work policies that it restricts freedom and limits innovation of employees. If you're looking for a good job that pays well and allows you freedom and flexibility why not look into becoming an independent life insurance agent?


An independent life insurance agent represents several companies. They usually offer a wide range of insurance, like automobile insurance, home insurance, disability, accidents, and life insurance. An independent agent can offer the client the best insurance quote that fits their budget and needs. In addition to that, the agent can assist the client from filing a claim up to receiving the settlement. Independent agents can provide the best solutions for the cost-cutting customer who wishes to get the benefits of having insurance.

A regular agent, also known as a captive agent, represents one specific company. This type of agent is quite similar to an independent agent despite the number of companies they represent. The captive insurance agent only has a relationship with the company he or she works for, and all products and policies offered to the client will come from that company. With only the various plans of one company to choose from, the client there is no opportunity to compare quotes with other companies through the agent.

Most independent life insurance brokers are much more flexible than captive agents, and representing more than one company can benefit the client in the sense that the opportunity of quote comparison is available. The client will have more options to choose from, which also means a better chance of finding a plan suited to the client's budget. With this setup, the client gets his money's worth, ensuring customer satisfaction, and effort is not wasted.


So why should you opt to become an independent life insurance agent? First, you can provide better solutions for your clients because you represent more than one company. You will gain a better knowledge of the insurance industry and its complexities from dealing with different insurance companies. Also, your commission would be quite high since working for several companies means that there are no limits to the number of policies you can sell. This gives you the chance to be financially flexible so that you can plan for your own future. This also allows you to work depending on style that works best for you, as well as giving you that competitive edge because of your flexibility.

William de Guzman is the human resources officer of MGC Marketing. He writes about independent life insurance brokers and other miscellaneous topics on the side.

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