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To Have or Not to Have, That Is the Question

January 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 149

It's not so much a question of the void between the 'haves' and the 'have-not's', it's a question of what actually is the difference. As I walked home one day I had to seriously consider; "If all it takes for me to live the life of my dreams and experience the abundance I desire is a shift in my thinking. A shift in the way I view life, the world and my place in it. I'd rather have that shift, than come to the end of my days having lived a mediocre existence and missed out on the possibilities and opportunities my life, unique gifts and calling could have afforded me, had I only cultivated the self-esteem necessary to mine my true potential."

Initially I feel I should pipe in that I'm not advocating some pressurised slog toward wealth by squeezing out every drop of time and energy we have for its value in pound sterling. To do so is not healthy at all, and in fact holds the potential to ruin our lives and relationships and everything we hold dear, which if assessed logically is clearly not wealth.

The problem with these Issues and the reason it's necessary to write and read about them is that in our lives often logic is missed out in the way we conduct our affairs. At the very least we get caught up in ruts, obligations, apparent responsibilities, and it becomes easy to neglect the imperative soul work of looking within and really assessing; 'Who are we?' 'Where are we going?' and 'What is it that our soul really wants out of this once off opportunity we call our lives?'

Straddling the two thoughts of being an 'individual of wealth and means' while living a conscious soulful existence connected to spirit and the eternal is often difficult for our human minds to comprehend. The difficulty has posed countless problems not the least of these the fact that for the many magnanimous, world changing, activist types we find ourselves broke and the 'haves' are often marginalised as folk who don't understand or care, and have nothing to teach us. No doubt some 'haves' invariably nurse guilty emotions and an inability to correlate the desire to be wealthy with the desire to simply be 'nice people'.

Being part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem

One of the most demotivating scenarios we can face is when a friend or relative approaches us regarding a genuine need, and we're struck with the reality that we don't have the means to help them, despite your best intentions. It becomes suddenly apparent that even our best intentions don't pay bills, clear fines, feed bellies or pay for medicine.

As resourceful healthy individuals, the opportunity for us to live an evolving existence is ever before us, but if our mentality has been programed towards lack and poverty, we won't see our potential to create wealth and be intrinsically valuable as part of the solution. Being part of the problem is the only alternate default. So how do we change this picture? First we must realise we live in a world of abundance. Despite the lack and limitation primarily caused by human greed and corruption, or the fact that as individuals we often choose to live un-resourceful, uncreative and unexamined lives. Although we can't resolve all the world's problems on our own, we can make a difference by starting with our own lives and the sphere of influence in front of us. When we sow seeds in these fields we'll produce the harvest that once distributed, will start a chain reaction, and like the ripples caused by a stone dropped in a pond, will know no end.

'To have' requires embracing the responsibility of ownership

One of the most demotivating responses we can choose regarding the circumstances life throws at us is to adopt an attitude of blame. Blame inevitably leads to depression; because as long as something is someone else fault, we don't feel any personal responsibility to discover the solution. Conversely an empowered mentality knows; 'This is my life and I must therefore take responsibility for its outcome.' And 'Solutions must be found whatever anybody else is up too'.

Gratitude enables us to count our blessings realising how much we do have and enabling us to embrace ownership of our blest existence and therefore take full responsibility for our future. Counting our blessings reveals to us our inherent wealth, especially if we do this thoroughly assessing the resources we already have available to us; resources like health and imagination, which are so easily taken for granted. The assets available to us can be used to produce more, if we'll recognise them and sow the relevant actions to produce the desired crops for our future. "To him who 'has' more will be given, but to him who does 'not have' even what he 'does have' will be taken away from him." This scripture verse conveys the reality that 'having' and 'not-having' are a mentality.

It's always easy to focus on what we feel we lack, but such a focus will never improve our circumstances. Genuine gratitude, taking inventory of all available blessings, coupled with creativity and passion, can turn our current situation into the foundation or seed bed for the life of our dreams.

Having the life of your dreams

One of the most demotivating things we can do when considering the life of our dreams is to assume that our dreams are simply ethereal and impossible. Even the sound of those words; 'Having the life of your dreams' begins to sound, so far out of reach, that the pursuit doesn't even feel worthwhile. On top of this is the reality that if we're honest, most of us haven't got real clear about what we really want anyway. For many of us adult life has robbed us of our childhood fantasies and we simply don't dream anymore.

Our starting basis therefore must be to get real clear about what we actually are after in this life, then we must ask ourselves the soul searching question; 'Why?' The 'why' behind our dreams establishes our motivation, and enables us to recognise our values in the process of seeking to see our goals manifest. At this point our 'vision' and the 'path' become apparent, and we now need to step onto the 'path' in order to realise our destiny.

In closing I'd like to give a couple of pointers I feel will help; firstly recognise that all the happiness and love we seek already exist inside of us. So pursue it no further, discover how to manifest it. Secondly; be true to yourself. Trying to be something or someone you're not is like trying to use a tool you don't really have; you and others will inevitably get hurt. Work with what you have, as in 'who you really are' and exactly where you currently find yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually, then cultivate your unique strengths, gifts, talents and calling and you'll live a fulfilling productive life for yourself and those around you. What more could we ask for?

Omar Zac Phillips is Co-author of Banyuaigo The Art of Successful Living he writes articles aimed at helping individuals find themselves through their authentic self as spirit so we can live the abundant life we were put on earth to live. He firmly believes that as we commit to the journey of growth and self-development, answers will come and solutions will present themselves. His passion is to attune himself to that flow of answers and solutions as he navigates his own journey. Join him at: to find out more.

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