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Words That Release Wealth

March 29, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 160

Water Affected By Words

Japanese born, Emodo Masaro, is an expert on wave and motion. He wrote a book entitled, "Water Contains the Answer." In this book he shows that water reacts to words filled with emotion. Negative words spoken over a glass of water will break apart the crystals into ugly shapes. Positive words will produce a reorganization of the water molecule crystals into harmonic, six sided shapes. He further discovered that when the words, "I love you!" are spoken, with true meaning, the water molecules take on very beautiful shapes! Amazing!

A most compelling realization occurs when we see that the human body consists of over 60% water. Thinking upon Masaro's observations we see that the words spoken over our lives result in astounding molecular transformations in the human body. The words we speak (with emotion and intent) have the capacity to cause more harm or good than we realize.

The Power Of Words

Many of the world's faiths teach us that humanity has the power to control destiny through thoughts, emotions and words. The Hebrew King Solomon wrote in his book of Proverbs, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit."

John Garlock comments on Solomon's words stating, "A person's life largely reflects the fruit of his tongue."

The pastor of the largest Christian church in the world, Dr. David Yong-Gi Cho explains further by declaring that "The words that come out of our mouths create and form our lives."

Whether we are a member of a faith community or not, it is true that spoken words have great significance in the direction and outcome of our lives.

Empowering Our Words To Release Wealth

For our words to carry power, we must believe the things we say! That is the subject of another article, however, we may increase the power of our words by altering our core beliefs.

Information we absorb, on any subject (wealth, health, relationships, influence, peace, faith, success, etc.) will register upon our subconscious and produce core beliefs. To create powerful words on any subject, e.g. wealth, we simply focus upon gaining information that affirms that subject in our core beliefs.

Speak 5 Truths About Wealth

As you say the next five sentences, with understanding and conviction, daily over your circumstances, you will begin to attract wealth into your life. This happens via subconscious programming, an elevated awareness of opportunities, a conscious focus on wealth, and many more unseen avenues as you simply state these wealth statements daily about yourself.

1. I am aware that wealth is coming towards my life today! 2. I am willing and ready to receive wealth opportunities today! 3. Wealth, you are mine to receive today! 4. I am receiving wealth into my hands and life today! 5. Wealth I call you to be in my hands today, you are mine!

Power To Speak Wealth

Wealth words spoken with confident conviction result in our lives succeeding more quickly. Download a free chapter of the book "Success Steps Towards Wealthy Living" at to help you empower your wealth thinking and words today.

Thank you!

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