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The Secret To Removing Blockages

June 06, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 247

Have you ever wondered why, despite doing all the 'right things' your Affirmations still do not work?

You've checked all the boxes; your thinking regarding money is right; you're putting them all in the now; you're using positive words etc.etc and still your Affirmations do not work. Then read on if this is your situation. For there is a secret to removing blockages which prevent you reaching your fullest potential.

Within each and every one of us there is a 'Secret Chamber' which is where the very essence of our being exists. It is what we really are at a cellular core level. And it is within this Secret Chamber that we can work on removing blockages which have to date, prevented us from achieving our highest goals.

The location of our Secret Chamber is the same for everyone. It is located just behind and slightly down from our heart chakra. Reaching it can take a little bit of time and practice though some people may be able to attune immediately others have to persevere a little longer but it is well worth the effort for when you do reach your Secret Chamber you will be able to work on removing all the blockages which have hindered your development.

The best way to reach your Secret Chamber is of course through meditation. First by getting into a meditative state and once in that state go inside your body. Move quietly and slowly down to reach just behind your heart, go slightly down and there you will find it.

When you reach your Secret Chamber, take note of what it is like. Do you for example 'feel' it rather than seeing it? If so, note what that feeling is. Or do you see a color? Again, note the color. Do you have an actual 'vision' of what it is like? It will be different for everyone for remember, this is YOUR Secret Chamber the very essence of your being. There isn't any right or wrong either. It is what you see and feel that is important.

The first time you enter your Secret Chamber it's a good idea to just stay awhile, getting used to the energy vibrations, before moving on to working on removing blockages. You may find that you prefer to just rest there the first time, or for several visits, just follow your own feelings and work with yourself not against yourself.

You should experience an energy shift. For some it is a major shift for others a very slight shift. Don't worry though if you don't feel it the first time or subsequent times there after just practice daily and you will feel that shift. Everyone is different and it doesn't matter if you work on reaching your Chamber a dozen times or more there is no hurry it's not a competition and definitely never judge your progress. Just relax allow yourself to enter and enjoy being at the very essence of who you are.

Once you are comfortable with entering your special place then you can start to work on removing the blockages. First, ask what part of your body you need to go to. Don't be surprised either at the answer - it may well be somewhere you have never thought about at all - like your arm, or shoulder.

It is surprising where blockages can occur which hinder our forward progress.

When you receive a clear answer, and you will, move to the part of your body. How does it look? How does it feel? Is it cold? Is it heavy? Does it look dark? Again there is no right or wrong. Just be aware of your own perceptions.

Having found the part of your body which needs work, acknowledge that you are there and listening to it. Just let it know that you are there, aware that it needs help. Again, you will feel an energy shift. For just by acknowledging that that area needs to be heard will bring about an energy shift. It maybe slight or massive or somewhere in between. As always this is an entirely individual area, no two people will experience exactly the same energy shift.

If you find this is all you can manage for the first time, just gently bring yourself back to your surroundings and finish by grounding yourself. Then continue on the next day each time you work on entering your Secret Chamber it will of course become easier and easier. Like all things practice makes perfect.

However if you are still feeling comfortable then ask how you can help. How can you release the blockage? What has caused the blockage? You will be surprised at what will come through, for many blockages are totally lost to our normal memory. The reason being that the greater majority of people only really remember back until they were around four or five. Some people may recall even earlier memories but few can recall baby memories and this is where, quite frequently, blockages have occurred.

It maybe that as a baby your parents where of the school which promoted that provided the baby was dry and fed then constant picking up was a no no. Again this is what you have to discover for yourself. What has caused the blockage. Be patient with yourself and definitely DO NOT beat yourself up in any way.

Whatever has caused the blockage can be removed. In some cases, if there is very deep trauma, then you would be well advised to seek professional help but assuming that there is not a serious deep trauma, such as sexual abuse, then you can most definitely work to remove the blockage yourself.

By simply acknowledging and sending love to the area will remove the blockage. By the very realization that this is what has prevented you from achieving your goals, is in itself enough to eliminate any blockages.

You may need to work for a while to completely remove the blockage. It may also happen that there is more than one blockage in a different area. In this case, it is usually the most important blockage which will manifest first. Once this is removed, then other areas may arise.

It is a good idea, even after removing blockages, to make it a daily practice to enter your Secret Chamber for we all accumulate a lot of garbage often at a sub-conscious level on a daily basis. And sometimes it's just lovely to be at the very essence of who you are a reminder of who you REALLY are.

So if you are experiencing problems with manifesting your desires, try removing the blockages by entering into your Secret Chamber. And do not be surprised at the energy shift you will definitely encounter by so doing.

Mary K Gill is a published author, having written many articles for various life style magazines. Her latest book The Twelve Natural Laws of the Universe is available on her site Mindset Power Site

This book reveals why just using the Law of Attraction is not enough to achieve fulfillment in every aspect of life.

She is also a Holistic Life Coach and has a private off-line practice.

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