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Seven Things You Can Say To Yourself That Will Raise Your Emotional Awareness

May 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 183

The results are in. Those that have a keen understanding of their own emotional state and the emotional state of others, experience more success in both their personal and business pursuits. Many organizations are looking for effective ways to the grow emotional intelligence levels of their workforce and especially so among high-potentials. It is not as difficult as it may seem. The whole process of building emotional skills begins with Self-Perception or Self-Awareness. If you are unclear about yourself, how could you expect to present a competent image to others? Where do you start?

It begins with self-awareness which involves at least two things: self-regard, and self-efficacy or in other words, valuing yourself as a person and knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Nathaniel Brandon, the author of "The Power of Self-Esteem" calls the combination of these two factors self esteem.

Leveraging one's emotional skills begins with understanding self. Improving emotional skills must, then, in some way, involve one's self esteem. A good question might be; How does one grow his/her self esteem (self-regard and self-efficacy)?

Actually, there are many ways to build self-esteem, but self-talk is one of the least costly and most effective. To emphasize my point; In 2008, Americans spent over $11 billion on self-improvement and a projected growth rate of 6.5 percent through this year. So talking to yourself, about yourself, may sound silly but it is effective and possibly even more important, it is free.

Here are seven things you can say to yourself that, if said on a regular on-going basis, will raise your emotional awareness and change your life for the better:

  1. I am an intelligent, but caring person.
  2. I feel good about myself.
  3. Others value my contribution to their lives.
  4. I am good at what I do.
  5. I am adding to my knowledge and skills regularly.
  6. The body of my work is growing daily.
  7. I always choose and express the positive viewpoint.

How, then can we use "self-talk?" First, type or write the above phrases in a large enough font that you can read them 10 feet away, next, attach them to your bathroom mirror or put them somewhere, in the house, so they will be seen everyday. Third, verbalize and repeat each of the seven phrases three times, every morning before you start your day and every evening before you go to bed. Finally, sometime during the middle of the day see if you can recall them by repeating each of them, in your mind. Repeat this process everyday for the next 30 days and do I mental review of your progress. If you are not feeling better about yourself and feeling more confident, I would be very surprised.

GMS Talent L P and Stephen J. Blakesley are Training and Certification Partners with Multiple Health Systems, MHS Inc We offer training and certification in the EQi and EQ360. Additionally, we offer EQi assessments, training and coaching for individuals, teams, and organizations. Contact us at: 281-444-5050 or Email us at for additional information.

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