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Positive Affirmations To Change Your Life

April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 176

Positive affirmations are exceptional tools for guiding our minds and shaping our world as we see fit. By incorporating a few principles of the law of attraction we can use these powerful techniques to re-program our sub-conscious mind for our benefit. Taking control of our lives, rather than reacting to a chaotic world, while allowing us to realize our grandest visions of ourselves. And forever freeing us from the self-created boundaries of fear and doubt. It is not the words themselves which carry this magical property. It is in what the words stir within your heart, the feelings they draw up, and how you choose to use them.

"Imagine If"

Imagine if you had what you wanted most. Feel exactly how you would feel with it now, even if you don't have it yet. These positive affirmations will help you to re-experience, over and over, a desired event. Thus creating and bombarding your sub-conscious mind with the positive thoughts and feelings associated with having your desire. The more you feel these emotions the more you will begin to actually "believe" that it IS yours! And the more grateful you will feel for it. The law of attraction acts on these emotions and will begin manifesting in your life in amazing ways. Just keep reminding yourself throughout your day these positive thoughts and imagine that you have what you want. How would you feel if you had it right now? How incredible would it be to actually own it in this very moment!

"I can, I will, I am"

Positive affirmations need to elicit strong feelings within you in order to work effectively. The longer and more frequently you can feel them the better. Understand that there is nothing you CAN'T have. Just because you don't know how you will get them at the moment doesn't mean it is impossible. Realize that your capacity to appreciate and enjoy any of your desires is just as great as anyone who may actually have it already! The fact is IF you had unlimited resources then you COULD have anything you wanted. There is nothing preventing you from loving the things you own or want to have except your limiting beliefs. Remove them! Open up your world to the possibility of having any of the wondrous things within it by saying "I can have it!"

Now make a declaration of will. Focus and believe in your biggest desire exclusively and KNOW that you will have it somehow. Believe it so much that you feel like you already own it! Feel all of the joy of owning your strongest desire and know that there is nothing that will ever prevent you from achieving it. It is yours without question. Your chosen positive affirmations will continue to solidify within you the facts embedded within them. That you can and you will experience your desire. Know this and believe it.

Finally put your mind into the success mindset of actually having your desire. Feel how grateful you are for it and how great it is. Feel the joy and power of knowing exactly how you gained your greatest success and knowing that you can repeat the process. That there is no longer anything you cannot have. Imagine all of the countless possibilities available for you to experience! How happy you are while repeating these positive affirmations is equal to the happiness they bring!

"Feel Good Now, Attract Good Later"

Whatever you are feeling now is the command you are sending out into the universe for attraction into your life later. Therefore the most important question you can ask yourself in any given moment is "How do I feel?" Your response should always be great or better! If it isn't then you need to immediately adjust your focus back onto the things you are most grateful for and start feeling good again. Only when you are feeling good should you start thinking about what you want. This way you safeguard yourself from thinking negatively about your desires as though you "can't" have them or any other forms of mental self-pity. Positive affirmations such as, feeling good now attracts good later, help boost your awareness level about just how much power you have in determining the quality of your life. What you allow your mind to dwell upon is what decides your fate!

Positive affirmations are simple reminders of powerful concepts that we use everyday through the law of attraction. Learning new ways to harness these tools requires consistent effort. These reminders are excellent ways to keep our positive thoughts "on track" and guarantee our success in whatever it is we wish to accomplish. Write down these positive affirmations as notes or on objects that you use everyday and take the time to think on them whenever you see them. Consider each positive thought a building-block, and see your masterpiece from the perspective of completion. Do not worry about HOW, just know that your success is assured with each positive step taken with gratitude!

You can have whatever you want in life. You just have to know how to ask! Find out today how easy tomorrow can be, click the following link!

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