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How To Craft The Perfect Self-Talk

February 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 156

One of the best ways to control your thoughts is to create a positive self-talk. A self-talk is a short, self-directed positive statement that you repeat to yourself to stop the negative chatter going on in your mind when you don't consciously direct your thoughts.

In this article, I wanted to share with you a simple, but effective way to create a positive self-talk that will help you overcome negative thoughts, attitudes and habits, and will help you achieve your goals and dreams. Here is the simple 5-step formula.

STEP 1: Think of a time in your life where you had the "perfect day", or an activity, event or a time when you were at your greatest emotional high ever. It could be a time of great achievement, reaching a difficult goal or any other event that created a strong emotional state within you.

STEP 2: Now that you have the time of your greatest emotional high in your mind, go there. Re-live that time as if you were there again--in your mind--until you feel the same strong emotions and good feelings you experienced when it was real. Be there... Feel it... Capture those wonderful emotions and hold them firmly in your mind.

STEP 3: Identify the specific emotional state you are experiencing and put a word to it such as jubilant, ecstatic, joyful, happy, excited,loving, etc. Now take these emotions and create the first line of your statement by stating, "I AM ___________." using one, two or three of the positive emotions your identified.

STEP 4: Determine your what you want to bring into existence next. You may want to change a bad habit, correct a negative statement about yourself, or state your next big achievement or income goal. This will become the second line of your statement. Make sure it is written positive in the present tense.

So here is an example of how a positive self-talk may look like so far. "I am ecstatic and joyful earning $500 per week."

STEP 5: Finally, add how you are going to accomplish your statement. What are you personally going to do? What will you offer as a service? Or what will you give in order to make your statement become a reality? The exact plan is not necessary. That will come to your mind, over time, as repeat your statement consistently on a daily basis. For now, just state generally what you are going to do.

So now your statement may look like this. "I am ecstatic and joyful earning $500 per week building my network marketing business, easily and consistently, through education and teamwork."

Put your statement on 3x5 cards and place them on your mirror, the frig, in your car and keep one on yourself to remind you to say your statement daily. You should repeat it a minimum of 100 times each day, working up to 300-400 times per day. This will allow you to replace the random thoughts your mind generates that are often negative and unproductive. With your positive self-talk you can take control of the thoughts that are influencing your sub-conscious mind.

When you say your statement, it must be read or said with the same emotion and feeling you have put into your statement. Just reading or saying it is not going to work. The emotion gets it to sink into the sub-conscious mind. Once it is planted there, it can start working on you to make the changes necessary for your to reach the goal you have listed on your statement.

Finally, you have to back it with the faith and belief that it will work. No doubt can creep in. You must believe the statement as if it is were 100% true. The more you say it to yourself, the stronger your belief will be. You can use this method to change any thought, habit or attitude that is not currently serving you well.

Try it and let me know how it works for you. If this helped you, it may help others. Please share this article on your favorite social network and let them know the value you found with this article.

For the past 20 years Steve Scoresby have worked in the insurance industry, training and developing new agents. He has now have taken his skills to the web, showing others how to generate leads and traffic for their businesses. For more information please visit:

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