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Being a Son

April 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 190

When it comes to being a son, most of us don't have a choice (except Chaz). We come in, we start asking questions, then think we know it all, then we figure out we don't know anything, then we start the cycle over again with our son.

God helped me out, he gave me three boys. My thought was, my method could be somehow improved with each one (I thought). Fairness or lack of, could remain a constant. I would have loved to have a daughter, but I think would have been a horrible parent, for the sole reason I would never be able to say no to a little girl. Forget it if she started to cry. I would have three jobs and her pony would have a pet pony. But we'll see that in being a Father.

I am now, and was lucky to have, my Dad growing up. He was the provider, the husband of course. But he also was that mystery man who was a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy, conqueror of the corporate world, entrepreneur businessman and now three time author. His easy demeanor, pragmatic approach and sense of humor was/is the blueprint I needed. Oh but I watched, I watched the interactions the negotiations. (One time he bought a Pontiac Catalina from the showroom floor and when he looked a t the bill there was a $50 charge for "showroom wax" he asked them to "take it off the car or off the bill, either or"). I watched him sing and dance old show tunes in school parent's shows, run large golf tournaments with hundreds of critical people type components in play. He's impressive and I feel good when I can trace parallels.

In a perfect world it's the son's job to make the father proud. In a more perfect world the father makes the son proud. There is more cycle momentum in the latter.

It was Mom's Alzheimer's disease when that happened. Through 15 years after being diagnosed my Dad stayed strong. In his book, he described his approach with the issues around care for Mom and his new solitude, as a project manager. As things unraveled in one part of his life he built the foundation for a new one. And I watched proudly.

Last year, as Mom slipped away, he reached out to us "the kids". He was shattered, and concerned about one thing, what would Mom want us to do? Though the answer was obvious but he needed to make sure we accepted it. Of course we rallied behind him. After the end; my Mom was donated to Alzheimer's research. I know she would have loved that decision and the process.

So what does any of this have to do with being a son?

Sons are watching. Through success and failure, we're watching.

The axiom for a son, is honor and respect your father. Whereas the sons being... is to make him proud.

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