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Affirmations to Unleash Your Subconscious Power

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 162

"I hate cold calling" thinks the salesperson with a sinking feeling in his gut as he tries to book appointments for the day.

"I don't know why I bother. I'll never be good enough," thinks the young singer going to an audition.

"No matter how hard I try I just keep getting fatter."

It's almost heartbreaking to listen. We all have goals and dreams and ambitions. We all have a deep yearning to feel attractive and liked by other people.

The problem is most of our self talk reflects the opposite of what we really want.

Are you ready to take back the reins and regain control of your mind and your thoughts? Do you want to start moving toward the happiness, success and dreams you desire instead of away from them? You can when you teach your subconscious to work with you instead of against you.

You can get positive results quickly.

Just remember that energy follows thought. You always act and move in the direction of your dominant images and feelings. If your current mental pictures aren't taking you where you want to go, you can change them by using affirmations correctly.

An affirmation is a phrase you say to yourself over and over again in order to get into a desirable habit of self talk.

Imagine for a moment that you are a salesperson. Up until now, you've been telling yourself how much you hate cold calling. Since energy follows thought, you end up dreading the first hour of your day where you have to call on prospects. The rest of your day continues on a downward spiral.

You need to put the brakes on this pattern and get back to making sales again so you can pay your mortgage. You might try an affirmation like "I am a great salesperson. I believe in my products and I am proud to offer them."

To get the best results, follow these three guidelines when using your affirmations.

Use them when you are relaxed

Your mind is more open to suggestion when you are calm and free of stress.

Believe your affirmation

Your subconscious will reject a suggestion you don't believe in. That's why many people get the opposite of what they want. Choose a statement that is both empowering and believable and you will get far better results.

Follow up with action

Show your subconscious you mean business by taking immediate action toward your objective after doing affirmations.

Try using affirmations in this way for the next 30 days. You'll be astounded at how much more positive and effective you become.

Discover how you can use visualization to tap into your Subconscious Power and improve anything in your life. Go to and get your Free report "Power Visualization Tips You Can Use Today."

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