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Affirmations That Actually Work! or How to Use Both Brains to Get What You Want!

January 31, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 177

Positive affirmations have been all the rage for quite some time now and they do work. However...

Lots of people have been emailing me to ask why they are not working for them even though they are doing them every day and often 20 - 30 times a day!

So let's start with the basics and build up from there.

Your conscious mind

A positive affirmation is made by the conscious mind and therefore is accepted by the conscious mind - unless there is some emotional charge on it to activate the subconscious mind too you will have to continue to repeating it every day until it sinks in and that can take months or even years.

So an example of a positive conscious mind affirmation is:

"I am competent and able to learn and work with interest each day"

So you will see from this example that it meets all the necessary criteria for a positive affirmation

It is personal


In the present tense

Needs to be dynamic - they must involve you in doing something

Needs to have an emotional component (this is so important!!!)

But you have been saying this one for months and it does not work - you feel no different

So a positive improvement on this affirmation would be:

"I am improving my reading and writing every day and enjoying it more and more"

When broken down into its parts this statement meets the requirements of positive affirmation.

I personal

Am improving present tense, dynamic, active

My reading and writing personal and specific tasks to be accomplished

Everyday reinforces the notion of continual improvement

And enjoying it more and more Emotional - reinforces positive nature of the experience

Note I have not used any words that have negative connotations such as 'no, 'not' or "but'. Nor are there conditions put on the affirmations e.g. 'I will improve my writing if you give assistance.'

I have also not used words such as 'have to ' or 'must' as these infer that you are being forced into it.

So here is a step by step guide to positive affirmations

Start with writing:

I am

And then add two positive words that describe you:

I am brave and enthusiastic

Now add a description of what you are going to do

I am brave and enthusiastic and working keenly at improving my work

In this example you will notice that all of the requirements of an affirmation are present. It is personal, it is in the present tense, it is positive, it has an emotional quality, it is enthusiastic and keen, it is dynamic in its achievement, it has no conditions and it has not negative words or connotations.

You do this for months and Still it is not working properly - what do you do now?

Your subconscious mind might be sabotaging your success.

Once you write your affirmation spend a couple of minutes and read that affirmation to yourself.

If there is any discomfort this is an indication that there is something going on in the subconscious mind that is blocking it coming true.

If you now ask your subconscious mind why it is blocking you, you will get an answer - and you may find that the voice you hear is that of a child who is frightened of being dynamic and successful.

There can be hundreds of reasons why your subconscious mind blocks or sabotages your good intentions - as Nelson Mandela said it is our greatness that frightens us, not our smallness.

So ask your subconscious mind why it is blocking you or why it does not want to improve- when you get an answer chat with the small person or child within who gave you that answer until you have resolved it.

Keep questioning that small voice within until you have completely cleared all blocks to your success.

Now your positive affirmation will feel exciting to do and you will feel empowered by saying it.

Not only that. you will find that now that it involves both your conscious and subconscious minds that it will work.

Good luck!

Margaret Stuart has a unique ability to see, hear and feel the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are held within the subconscious mind. Out of this ability Margaret has created, developed and implemented her personal techniques that enable you to access your subconscious mind. These techniques enable you to know whether you are creating a platform for illness to develop, to discover the thoughts beliefs and emotions are have created an illness for you and more importantly gives you the technique to release these so that your body can return to health. Visit Margaret Stuart at

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