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Adding Affirmations to Your Meditation Practice

April 06, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 240

Understanding Your Mental Impressions

Most of us go through life focusing on the tasks and responsibilities at hand, either work or family related, without taking the time to stop and examine how our environment may be affecting us on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Yes, we all know that the quality of the air we breathe and the food and water we consume are vital for our physical well being, but how many of us stop to observe how all the impressions we receive on a daily basis affect how we think and feel and perceive our life?

The physical senses can be likened to "sensory" windows that are open 24/7, continuously receiving information, even while we sleep. So we absorb thousands of impressions throughout the day without even really being aware of them. It is well known that your mind registers things you don't necessarily remember, either because your short-term memory didn't have enough time to consciously label the event as a memory, as in the case of a dream or a quick, seemingly insignificant moment, or because you suppressed an event or impression that you deemed unacceptable or too painful.

Your mind, however, does file away all the impressions you receive, no matter how big or small, how painful or pleasurable, and no matter whether they are real or imagined. They all get registered in the subconscious; you may consciously choose some, while others remain hidden. You can imagine that if your senses are windows to the world that are open 24/7, you have been filing all the events and impressions of your life ever since you were born, and even before then. These have been creating the thoughts that shape your personality and make up the perception you have of yourself and the world.

Understanding the Source of Your Beliefs

A belief is nothing more than a thought that's been repeated over and over, and therefore assumed to be real. So the thoughts that have been continuously repeated in your life-via your upbringing, your relationships, and the mass media-have probably become your beliefs.

While some of those beliefs may be positive and help you create the life you want for yourself, others may actually be hindering your progress and the fulfillment of your goals and desires. Maybe they were instilled in you as a child, or you acquired them later on through your peers, or books, or your TV. The mind makes no distinction between the source of those beliefs, nor whether they are positive or negative, real or imagined.

Yet your belief system shapes your perception of the world and as a result, your perception creates your reality. To put it simply, it's like unintentionally wearing red glasses and seeing everything red around you. Not everything out may be red, but for you it is red and nobody can convince you otherwise because you are seeing it colored through your own belief system-the red glasses.

When you establish a meditation practice, you create a clear inner space that separates the belief system (or ego) from your true self. Following my previous example, in meditation you remove the red glasses and realize that everything is red: that it is simply your ego choosing to see it that way. The same applies to all the impressions, thoughts, and beliefs in your life-those that come from within you and those you get from your environment. When the mind stops focusing in the outside world, it becomes the inner Self and sees things as they truly are.

Harnessing the Power of Intention Through Affirmation

Just like you have been absorbing thoughts and beliefs that may not be serving you, and translating them as your reality, you also have the capacity to replace them with thoughts and beliefs that suit you better or aim toward a higher purpose. Positive affirmations can be a great tool to accomplish this.

Affirmations are mental commands that help you consciously transform your mental file cabinet, to change your perception and therefore your reality. For them to be effective, they need to be expressed in the positive form, in the present, and furthermore, they have to assume a reality, not just a possibility: word them as something already happening or something you are certain of, already here and now.

So your affirmations would be something like, "I am love and attract love into my life," or "I attract great abundance and prosperity," or "I am perfectly healthy on a physical, mental, and emotional level," as opposed to something like, "I do not want this or that..." or "I will no longer take this or that..." or "I hope that..."

Remember that words saturated with conviction, sincerity, and intuition are like highly explosive vibrational bombs that can shatter difficulties and create change. The power of your intention is key here, since it connects you directly to your inner Self. As with meditation, if doubts arise, you just observe the thoughts or feelings resulting from your affirmations (your new thoughts) and persevere with the practice.

Some teachers believe that by continuously repeating your chosen affirmations you will by-pass the ego to replace old beliefs with new ones, but I find it much more effective to do affirmations after a daily meditation session, when the mind is quiet and clear, and more open to receiving anything new.

Affirmations are your new food for thought, or your new thought food. But since the mind has the infinite potential to hold both the old and the new, a meditative practice assures that the old is dissolving, through awareness and clarity. To me, it is a bit like cleaning the table and dishes before you set up the table, as opposed to eating your dessert on the same plate you had the main dish. Happy manifesting!

Yol Swan is an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor & Life Coach offering over 28 years of experience exploring the mind and psyche, Vedic and metaphysical sciences, psychology and spirituality, as well as her intuitive gifts, to help you understand your environment and relationships from your soul's perspective and remove the mental stuff that prevents you from living a joyful and abundant life!

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