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Infidelity Investigation - Should You Hire a Private Detective?

April 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 91

If you have a suspicion that your spouse or partner is cheating there are many different ways to go about collecting evidence of such activities. One of the best and more efficient ways is to hire a private detective. For a small fee, you can gain a peace of mind and know for certain about your spouse or partners suspected cheating activities.

What exactly are private detectives? Private investigators are not really what most pop culture have created them out to be. You will not see ones like those on film or on television such as Magnum P. I. Private investigators are professionals with licenses who usually have a background or some education in criminology and a good understanding of investigative techniques. A private detective's favorite tool is not a gun, but a camera to gain valuable information and proof.

What to consider before hiring? You want to make sure and double check that the private detective you choose is licensed. All states in Australia require those that are taking part in investigations to be licensed. A copy of their license should be easily available for you to receive when you ask them about it. Some services that are available online such as credit checks, background checks, are not considered private investigation firms, but information outlets, and are not licensed. This makes it easy for companies that are disreputable and scam artists to get in on the market. It is important to watch out for your wellbeing and make sure you are going with a licensed investigation firm.

Sign a contract Make sure you are signing a contract. With any other service that charges a fee, private investigative services are a business. Private detectives do not lurk or hide in the shadows they are legit business people. You should reconsider working with and retaining the services of any investigation firm that refuses to make up a contract.

Experience is a must Make sure you are asking your potential private detective about prior experience. Prior investigative experience is important for a successful investigation, especially those that involve the infidelity of a spouse. You are paying not only for the time of the detective by for their confidentiality as well. You do not want an inexperienced investigator who might ruin the situation by giving away that they are in fact following your spouse. This is why it is beneficial to ask about their experience up front.

Make sure you have a private detective that is insured. When you retain an investigation firm they become your agents. So legally, anything they do in your service now becomes your responsibility. If at any time during your investigation they cause any harm to be done such as property damage it could fall back on you. This is why it is important to discuss with the agency beforehand about their insurance to cover any damage that might occur.

Active Investigations is a private investigation agency based in Melbourne, Victoria. Call (03) 9580 5492 for all private investigation services from a cheating spouse to backgrounds checks.

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