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How to Write Adventure Stories for Children

April 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 412

With many budding writers emerging each day, people find it difficult to select which writer's work to read. Every one of them has their own unique style, theme and imaginative characters that are likely to attract readers. While many people become writers with a mission to create stories for adults, they neglect a very significant demographic segment - children. In fact, if only writers start to write adventure stories for kids, they can become famous just like J. K Rowling - the author of the widely popular Harry Potter series.

However, writing for kids is not as easy as it is for adults. You have to keep in mind your target readers and their mentality at every stage. Nothing should be overstated or understated. It should be interesting and have a good message for children that can convince them to take challenges.

To help you write good adventure stories, we have rounded up some instructions that you should keep in mind while writing stories for kids.

Keep It Simple

A good idea to write an adventure story is to start out with a conflict. However, make sure you use an example that kids can understand easily. Different age groups want to hear different kinds of stories. For instance, children a elementary school are inspired by books such as those written by Lemony Snicket and young adults enjoy reading adventures like that of the Twilight series. So it is necessary that you understand the audience you are writing for in the first place.

Keep It Interesting

The only way to keep children reading your book is to keep it interesting. This can be done by making quick transitions from one scene to another. Want to make it more enthralling? Add a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter.

Ask Others Opinions

Let someone else criticize what you have written before your readers do. A number of these critiques can be found online or they can be any of your friends who know about writing adventure stories. Reckon their suggestions and try to make your work better by working on them.

Create Characters That Children Can Relate To

You cannot convince a kid to read a story unless you assure them that the character you are talking about is just like them. It has feelings, fear, and hope. Your character also makes mistakes just as children do. This way kids will find it difficult to put your book down.

The most important thing to consider when writing adventure stories for children is to put yourself in your reader's shoes.

The Author is a passionate writer and have very found of extreme sports,sometimes write adventure stories and adventure articles to share interesting facts.

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